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TOP 10 popular halal/Muslim friendly restaurants in Japan in October 2019, based on restaurant access on Halal Gourmet Japan

1. Japanese Restaurant MATSURI (Osaka)

Japanese Restaurant MATSURI is an extremely popular Muslim friendly eatery located at the northern Osaka. They have been no. 1 on Halal Gourmet Japan’s top access ranking for August 2019. The Japanese Restaurant MATSURI is not only served Muslim friendly foods but also vegetarian and vegan makes them a favorite place to enjoy the food diversities!


2 min walk from Nodahanshin station.

Japanese Restaurant MATSURI

2. Ramen Ouka (Tokyo)

Ramen Ouka is one of the most popular ramen shops located in the hustle bustle area, Shinjuku, Tokyo. The ramen is made from the original recipe which can’t be enjoyed anywhere else.

Location :

3 min walk from Tokyo Metro Shinjuku Gyoen-Mae station.

Ramen Ouka

3. Curry House CoCoICHI Kabukicho, Shinjuku (Tokyo)

In CoCoICHIBANYA Kabukicho Shinjuku, you can enjoy their tasty Japanese-style curry with various of toppings, selectable rice volume, and level of spiciness in a spacious table-seat. Also available kids menu and child seat.


10 min walk from JR and Tokyo Metro Shinjuku station

Curry House CoCoICHIBANYA Shinjuku

Credit to : tabibitodayo

4. Halal Tendon Ginza Itsuki (Tokyo)

An ultimate tendon you have to enjoy in Tokyo! It comes with plenty of tempura toppings; from shrimp and vegetables to halal chicken tempura and half-cooked egg tempura, along with miso soup and chawan-mushi (steamed egg dessert), and all-you-can-eat pickles which is so voluminous!


Within 5 min walk from JR Yurakucho station or 2 min walk from Tokyo Metro Yurakucho station (inside Ginza Inz 1 2F).

Tendon Ginza Itsuki

5. Ayam-YA Okachimachi (Tokyo)

As one of the pioneers of halal ramen in Japan, Ayam-YA Okachimachi attracts a lot of customers day by day. Since there is Okachimachi Mosque located nearby, it is extremely convenient for Muslims to have halal dining and do pray. The restaurant is also popular among Japanese.


10 min walk from JR Okachimachi station, 3 min walk from Tokyo Metro Naka-Okachimachi station.

Ayam-YA Okachimachi

6. Asakusa Sushi-ken (Tokyo)

Known as the first halal sushi in Japan, Asakusa Sushiken is a favorite sushi dining in Tokyo which is located just at 10 min walk from Kaminarimon gate. Besides sushi, Asakusa Sushiken also serves tempura, etc in lunch menu and halal beef.


10 min walk from Tokyo Metro Tawaramachi station, around 15 min walk from Tokyo Metro Asakusa station

Asakusa Sushiken

7. Wagyu Dining PANGA Asakusa (Tokyo)

This halal-certified restaurant is the second branch of the popular halal Yakiniku PANGA (Okachimachi), sit at the Marugoto Nippon 4F, serving an all-halal steak and teppan that is cooked right in front of the customer. a recommended place to enjoy a flavorful dine-in Asakusa!


10 min walk from Tawaramachi station, 15 min walk from Asakusa station.

Wagyu Dining PANGA Asakusa

8. Curry House CocoICHI Akihabara (Tokyo)

CoCoICHI Akihabara gained a lot of reaction from the world as the first halal Japanese-style curry in Japan located at the electric-anime area, Akihabara. It is available in counter-seat and has been popular dining for tourists who are visiting Akihabara.


10 min walk from JR Akihabara station Showa-doori exit.

Curry House CoCoICHIBANYA Akihabara

9. Halal Lanzhou Ramen MAZULU Jimbocho (Tokyo)

The Halal Lanzhou Ramen MAZULU Jimbocho first rank-in! It opened as a halal-certified restaurant serves the original yet authentic Lanzhou Ramen that calls a lot of costumers to dine there. They attracts especially the Chinese residents who want to enjoy the real taste of their hometown, followed by Japanese and Muslim customers. The ramen has a thick and flavorful beef broth topped with tender beef slices.


5 min walk from Tokyo Metro Jimbocho station

Halal Lanzhou Ramen MAZULU Jimbocho branch 

10. Halal Lanzhou Ramen MAZULU Tokyo Station (Tokyo)

Following the Jimbocho branch, Lanzhou Ramen MAZULU Tokyo branch rank-in this month after it’s opening on Oct 3, 2019. It has roughly the same taste and services as in Jimbocho branch, but only the Tokyo station branch who have a selectable 9 types of noodle!


Gran Tokyo South B1F, 3 min walk from Tokyo station Yaesu south exit.

Halal Lanzhou Ramen MAZULU Tokyo station branch