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Let’s Support Okinawa!

On October 31, 2019, Japan was shocked with the heartbreaking news of the Shuri Castle, a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site and known as the symbol of Okinawa Prefecture, that was destroyed in a devastating fire. It caused nothing remains from all the three main buildings.

According to the Okinawa Churashima Foundation which manages the castle, about 1,500 artifacts kept in the castle buildings and over 400 may have been lost,

The castle was built 500 years ago by the Ryukyu Dynasty and designated as Japan’s national treasure in 1933.

Shuri Castle in Okinawa Prefecture

We are calling for your support to Okinawa! These are what we can do.

Visit The Restaurant Inside the Complex

The Suimui restaurant inside the complex of the castle is re-opened on Nov 5, 2019, 5 days after the disaster. They have a various of halal foods, vegetarian/vegan foods, and Taiwanese vegetarian foods.

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If you are in Okinawa or plan to visit Okinawa in the near future, please have a visit to the restaurant!

Let’s Donate for Okinawa

Okinawa Prefecture is now calling for donation to re-build the Shuri Castle. Please do donate on link below.

Japankurufunding donation page

GoFundMe donation page

Furusato Choice donation page

Yahoo donation donation page

We hope to be able to see the beauty of Shuri Castle again soon!

Be Okinawa! Things You can Only Experience in Okinawa!

Okinawa has a lot of fun yet exciting sightseeing spots. Since it is located slightly far from the Japan’s main Honshu island, Okinawa has a unique cultures that can blow your mind!

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Enjoy the Fresh Ocean Breeze of The Exotic Okinawa Beach!

Okinawa known for its tropical climate, crystal-clear waters, colorful coral reefs, and a wide variety of marine life. The contrast of blue ocean and blue sky in warm weather can give the best relaxation ever.

石垣島, サンゴ礁, リーフ, 海, 太平洋, 白雲, 雲, 青空, 峠, 女, 女性, 帽子, 後ろ姿, 風

Experience Okinawan Traditional Kimono in Ryukyu Mura!

Ryukyu Mura is a theme park that recreated village from the times of the Ryukyu Kingdom, a dynasty that in Okinawa in the old days. In this popular tourist attraction, you can experience to wear the traditional Okinawa kimono that can’t be experienced anywhere else! Be Okinawa!

Get Lost in a Flower Garden and Take Photos In Front Of the Super Huge Aquarium!

The tropical weather of Okinawa makes a variety of flowers grow beautifully in the Tropical Dream Center! Get lost in the flower and let yourself surrounded by the great scent of flowers.

Once you enter the flower zone, you will be surrounded by the sweet and gorgeous scent.

Once you enter the flower zone, you will be surrounded by the sweet and gorgeous scent of flowers. Source : Tropical Dream Center

Close to the Tropical Dream Center, there is a-must-visit Churaumi Aquarium that is known as the largest aquarium in the world that allows you to experience the rich of Okinawan rich nature. Don’t miss the 8,7m long whale sharks!

The super-huge aquarium inside the Churaumi Aquarium. Source : Visit Okinawa Japan

Put Okinawa on your travel list and support Okinawa!