Second Online Iftar Party with a Japanese Muslimah

The second online iftar party was being held last Friday on May 1st, inviting Takagi Miwa-san, a Japanese Muslim that is a frontline of Muslim-friendly Shizuoka. She has an important role in the Shizuoka Muslim Association and especially in the establishment of Shizuoka Masjid. We’ve been talking about her as a Japanese Muslim as well as how she promotes Muslim-friendly services in Shizuoka. Halal Media Japan had been working together with her in the Shizuoka Muslim-Friendly Guidebook.

The online iftar was participated by 22 people from across Japan, enjoying the dish while listening to the conversation and did group chat. In the Q&A session, there were some interesting questions about international marriage, childraising of Muslim children in Japan, etc.

As a reminder, the online iftar is being held every Friday during the holy month of Ramadhan inviting guests!

Check the schedule below and save the date!


8 May

19:15 ~ 19:45

15 May

19:15 ~ 19:45

Come along, join us, and bring your best dish to the party (for you to eat)! We are looking forward to meeting everyone.