Building on the Trust Between Malaysia and Japan Strategically for 2021 and Beyond

Author: Aya

It is expected that global demands for Halal products from Malaysia will increase after this pandemic ends. One main reason for this is because Halal products are known for being hygienic and healthy, two things considered to be the first preventive measures post COVID-19.


New Interpretation of Shojin

Author: Yokoyama

Would you like to try meat made in labs?  Shojinmeat Project, Japan’s first artificially-cultured meat project is now in the spotlight. See the interview with the founder and predict how soon it can be outreached post-COVID-19 era.


Takeout Options from Vegetarian Restaurants in Tokyo

Author: Zhafira

This time of the pandemic is changing the food and beverage industries in how they serve their customers, mainly by shifting to takeouts for customers in need. Here are five vegetarian restaurants that offer takeout menus for all the veggie lovers in Tokyo, Japan