In the past two weeks of this Holy month of Ramadan, we have invited a revert brother and sister, both of whom are Japanese, for Halal Media Japan’s Online Iftar Party. This week, we invited an Imam from Osaka Ibaraki Mosque who has been doing dakwah in Japan for 10 years and counting, Imam Mohsen Bayoumy.

As an Al-Azhar Cairo’s scholar, Imam Mohsen was assigned to Japan from Egypt 10 years ago, where he was stationed in Kobe. A few years later, he was transferred to Osaka, where currently leads the Muslim community as an Imam.

In this Iftar party, Imam Mohsen shared his joys and sorrows on doing dakwah in Japan. He shared one of the biggest challenge for him was to help Japanese who are interested in Islam on the concept of ‘Tawheed’, or belief in one true God, a concept very foreign to the Japanese culture who traditionally believes in the existence of many Gods.

However, he also mentioned that regardless of their belief – or lack of – in Gods, he is very impressed with how the Japanese characteristics are very close to Islam in value.

This party was joined by 15 attendees, and we ended the session with a Q&A where Imam Mohsen answered questions about teaching aqeedah in child raising in Japan and the conditions for paying zakat in Japan amongst others.

We will host one last Online Iftar Party next week with an exciting guest on Friday, starting at 19.15 – 19.45. Come along, bring your family and friends, and let’s enjoy having dinner together!

※ The meeting link will be shared on our facebook group and instagram.