TOP 10 Access Halal Gourmet Japan April 2020

These couple of months we’ve been announcing the top 10 halal/Muslim-friendly restaurant accessed each month. However, the pandemic of COVID-19 prevents anyone to go outside, which means they can’t visit or even look for restaurants.  So what Muslims access during the pandemic? Here is the TOP 10 access of April 2020!

Halal Gourmet Japan

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1. PADMA Halal Food (Saitama, Misato)

PADMA Halal Food serves various of halal foods, from fresh fish and halal meat to spices and various foods imported from different countries. They offer a free shipping fee for order more than 10,000 yen. You can check their online store here.

2. Kaliber (Tokyo, Mejiro)

Kaliber was first selling the car, then expands to kitchen wares and halal foods in various categories. You can find their halal online shop here.

3. Toko Indonesia (Tokyo, Shinjuku)

Like the name says, they are selling foods and seasonings directly imported from Indonesia. Besides physical store located close to Okubo station, they also offer shipping with minimum order 5,000 yen on their online store here.

4. Kobe Halal Food (Kobe)

Kobe Halal Food is one of a well-known halal store located close to Kobe Mosque, selling various halal products from halal mutton to countries specialties products. You can find their halal shop here.

5. Tokyo Camii Halal Shop (Tokyo, Yoyogi Uehara)

The well-known mosque in Tokyo, Tokyo Camii opened its halal shop in 2019 selling products from a variety of countries, from frozen to fresh items. They just opened their online store here.

6. Paprika (Chiba, Kisarazu)

Paprika is a Malaysian restaurant located in Kisarazu, Chiba Prefecture.

7. Japanese Restaurant MATSURI  (Osaka)

A Muslim-friendly restaurant in Osaka that is definitely on the top 10 access of HGJ.

8. CURRY HOUSE CoCoICHI (Tokyo, Akihabara)

The best place to enjoy halal Japanese curry in Tokyo.

9. CURRY HOUSE CoCoICHI (Tokyo, Shinjuku)

The second branch of halal CoCoICHI after Akihabara.

10. GREEN NASCO (Tokyo, Shin-Okubo)

A popular halal store selling halal daily kinds of stuff and foods located close to Shin-Okubo station.