Online Iftar Party by Halal Media Japan

Written by : Zhafira Aqyla

Ramadan is finally upon us! How was your first 4 days? Are you holding up great so far?

We understand that for everyone celebrating Ramadan as a minority in Japan, the current lockdown orders can be a letdown. Just like you, Halal Media Japan has been looking forward to spending time with our brothers and sisters during Iftar and beyond for the entire 30 days. 

However, everything happened by God’s wisdom, and it is our job to make the most of this opportunity through other, exciting ways. To make up for the lack of gatherings for this year’s Ramadan, we are proud to announce we will be hosting an online Iftar party every Friday!

As a trial run, we launched our very first Iftar party last Friday, on the very first day of Ramadan through everyone’s current go-to online platform, zoom

As shown on the poster, the party started after everyone has broken their fast and prayed. 

To make our event even more exciting, we invited a Japanese young man who just reverted to Islam early this year. As this was his first-ever fasting experience, we invited all of our brothers and sisters to welcome him to this holy month of Ramadan. In this party, we asked Wani-san to share his revert experience and how he came to know about Islam. At the end of the session, we also opened the floor for a Q&A from participants.

For our first-ever party, we were joined by 20-25 brothers and sisters from all around the world. There were participants from Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, and one sister who lives in France also paid a visit to wish us Ramadan Mubarak. 

When is the Next Event?

Halal Media Japan will host this iftar party every Friday until the end of the month inviting guests that will share their valuable experiences with us. We will share the information on our Facebook group and Instagram account and attach the invitation link a few days before the event. You can invite whoever is interested in joining. As they say, the more the merrier, and meeting everyone might be exactly what you need to destress from social distancing. 

1 May


8 May

19:15 ~ 19:45

15 May

19:15 ~ 19:45

Come along, join us, and bring your best dish to the party (for you to eat)! We are looking forward to meeting everyone. Ramadan Mubarak!