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The world’s cultural heritage Mount Fuji, mosque, halal-certified & Muslim-friendly restaurants, luxurious souvenirs, beautiful view, cycling experiences, fashion outlet, unique festivals, and more.

Shizuoka Prefecture can be reached from Tokyo about an hour by Shinkansen and is already famous for the World Cultural Heritage, the Mount Fuji. Now, there are more and more facilities to accommodate the Muslim visitors and all are featured in this guidebook.

The guidebook is covering the whole areas of Shizuoka Prefecture from Izu to East, Centre, and West. The section of each area is providing information on sightseeing spots, shopping centers, and halal certified and Muslim-friendly restaurants. There will be a flower and fruit calendars together with event information so you will not miss the special moment you visit Shizuoka. Enjoy the famous cycling activities in Shizuoka and all the courses from beginners to experts that are featured here.

Do not worry if you have limited time since there are recommended courses in enjoying most part of Shizuoka. You will not miss Friday prayer either since there is a mosque there.

There are more than 70 halal-certified & Muslim-friendly restaurants covered in this book, in addition to hotels accommodating Muslim guests. Each restaurant information has pictograms, which makes it easy to understand.

Where to Get The Guidebook

Shizuoka Prefecture Tourism Association
and other tourism associations in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Hotspots Recommended by the Guidebook

Shizuoka Masjid

Shizuoka Masjid opened in a warehouse where you can enjoy beautiful seaport views, a 10 mins walk from the JR Mochimune station. This property is reserved for the future of Shizuoka Masjid & Islamic Center. It holds many annual events throughout the year such as cherry blossom “Hanami” picnic in April, BBQ picnic in August, and more.

Hamamatsu Flower Park 

A relaxing garden with seasonal flowers. Famous for cherry blossoms and tulips in late March and wisteria in late April. “The Hamana Lake Festival” is being hold every spring.

Shizuoka Cycling 

Shizuoka is a warm area throughout the year. The mountain and the sea, and enjoy the various sceneries while cycling!

Dogashima Marine 

The coast of West-Izu is a deeply indented coastline with beautiful views and natural good harbors. There are many scenic spots (a national park, the coast of West-Izu, and so on) in the area, and Dogashima is a representative scenic spot of West-Izu.

Gotemba Premium Outlet

Japanese Premium Outlet Flagship Store. One of the largest shopping areas in Japan, overlooked upon by the majestic Mt. Fuji.


This guide book is linked to the Halal portal. Halal Portal is a portal site that introduces restaurants, retail stores, sightseeing spots, and food businesses specializing in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Use the guidebook to plan your trip and the Halal Portal from your mobile phone while traveling to make your trip more efficient.

Use the guidebook and halal portal to enjoy the food capital, Shizuoka!

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