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Japanese Tradition x Muslim Fashion

Have you ever heard about Arimatsu Shibori??

Arimatsu Shibori is a Japanese traditional dyeing technique
in producing unique yet original pattern that has been last for 400 years,
inherited from one generation to another.

Shibori is a Japanese word for a diversity of ways of decorating textiles
and this shaped-resist-dyeing technique has been done for centuries all over the world,
ranging from tied, clamped until folded to keep some parts of the fabric get infused from coloring.

Born in Arimatsu, Nagoya, Arimatsu Shibori products were mainly
hand towel, yukata, and kimono at the first place.
As time goes by, craftsman widen the product variations to modern casual style
such as long sleeve shirts and blouse, and now hijab!

This time, we will introduce you Arimatsu Shibori hijab made by a female craftsman!

Arimatsu Shibori Hijab

The necessary of answer Muslim-friendly services and items
due to Muslim tourists’ inbound gave a fresh air in Japanese-traditional-works,
as most of Muslim tourists love Japanese-traditional-related stuffs and experiences.

One necessary item for Muslimah is hijab.
Hijab made by Arimatsu Shibori technique has original with-a-hint-of-Japanese-traditional-style pattern,
which is definitely, makes the wearer looks more stylish.

The hijab available in 120 x 120 cm with price range 2.800 ~ 3.000 yen per pieces.
As it is a popular item, makes it sold out quickly!

Where to Purchase The Hijab

This Arimatsu Shibori hijab is exclusively sold at an online shop @pasarditakyoko (Instagram)
run by an Indonesian woman based in Nagoya.

She got interest to Arimatsu Shibori hijab with its touch of traditional since she was a university student.
She aims to spread the beauty of the combination of Japanese tradition and Muslim fashion.

To make a purchase, please contact directly through direct message on Instagram
or by email to

Meet The Craftsman

Ms. Aya Osuka is a female craftsman of Arimatsu Shibori who gained
her interest into Arimatsu Shibori when she’s still a university student.
At the time, she had a field trip to Arimatsu Narumi Kiyokan in Nagoya
where she saw a difficult pattern which is hard to know how to make it at first glance,
and it was Arimatsu Shibori.
The experience became a trigger for her to learn Arimatsu Shibori.

Together with the owner of @pasarditakyoko, she started to make hijab since December 2017.
Hijab, as we know, being worn with some arrangement and touch.
Considering it, Ms. Aya Osuka makes designs where the pattern shows up beautifully while being worn.

Other Items

Besides of hijab, Ms. Aya Osuka also produce Arimatsu Shibori’s stall and clothes
we can find at a handmade market website Minne and Creema.
Soon she plans to expand the sales to online shop Etsy as well as receive order
direct to her email address on and providing more variety of colors.