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Halal restaurant in Narita Airport Terminal 1

Kineya Mugimaru

A Spring selection meal – Beef udon

**Written by Nurul Hanim Karim san, Malaysia**

One of the must try food in Japan is Udon and thankfully for Muslim traveller, now you don’t need to go all the way to Tokyo to try this delicious food because you can have it as soon as you touch down in Japan!

This self-service restaurant is situated at the Central Building, 5th Floor at Narita Airport Terminal 1 and serves a variety of Udon soups, hot tempura selections to go with the udon and also onigiri rice balls if you are still hungry. The best things is that you can also see the chef preparing the udon noodles and the workers putting the finished noodles inside the hot water then right into your bowl.

Kineya Mugimaru

Selections of Udon noodles

Since this restaurant is a self-service restaurant, you need to queue for your bowl of Udon at the counter but need not to worry because there are plenty of chairs for everyone to sit. I especially like the design of the restaurant which uses the open concept and infusing the self-service system (modern) into the traditional setting of the restaurant.

Kineya Mugimaru

The restaurant entrance

Overall the restaurant looks nice and tidy, good for travellers who wanted to have a fast meal before boarding the plane.

Kineya Mugimaru

The inside of the restaurant

The method of ordering and getting the food is by queuing at the entrance, choose your selections of udon using the pictures at the counter, the worker will then place the udon on your tray, take your tray to the next tempura/onigiri counter and lastly proceed to the payment counter. The udon broth and the water can be taken at the other counter beside the payment counter. Then proceed to the sitting place that you desire.

Kineya Mugimaru

Menu at the ordering area of the restaurant

Kineya Mugimaru

The tempura trays. Pick any you want.

I especially love the hot udon soup with seaweed. The broth was very tasty with big udon noodles served hot that are lovely to eat along with tempura. Delicious! The tempura counter here has quite many selections to choose from and if this is your first time in Japan, don’t forget to try the prawn tempura. You will be amazed by its size.

Kineya Mugimaru

Self-service water and broth counter

Kineya Mugimaru

Udon with seaweed

The restaurant was certified by Malaysian Halal Consultation and Training Agency which is one of the leading Halal certification bodies in Malaysia. Therefore, for all Muslim coming to Japan, please try this restaurant without hesitation and your tummy will leave the place happy and satisfied.

Kineya Mugimaru

Kineya Mugimaru Narita Airport Terminal 1

7:30-21:00 (L.O. 20:30)
Daily open
Narita Airport Terminal 1, 5F, 1 Furugome, Narita-shi, Chiba

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