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【This Restaurant Has Already Moved to Other Place】

Halal-certified cafe “Sharing Cafe Kobe Nagomi” opened in Kobe, Hyogo!

100% Halal-certified cafe “Sharing Cafe Kobe Nagomi” opened in Kobe, Hyogo. Nearby, there is Kobe mosque, and you will find Halal menu and prayer facilities here.

Why we started

Few years ago, I lived and worked in Kuwait for 2 years. After returning, many Muslim friends visited me in Japan. And I realized that they were having difficulty in food and prayer aspects traveling in Japan. To solve this problem, I gave up my job and entered Wakayama University Graduate School of Tourism. I studied how to correspond to Muslim travelers in Japan. Currently from the experience of participating in the Middle East Peace Project, we have renovated our home to a cafe with Halal certification, so that more people including Muslims can eat together to achieve the goal of “World Peace through Tourism”.

What we did to make it better

We are 100% halal certified cafe which does not offer alcohol drinks, so that all Muslims can relax and enjoy.
In the Multi-Purpose room, we prepared prayer mat, Qibla compass, women’s prayer wear, and Wudu is also available.
We have renovated our home to a Japanese style space, where everyone can feel at home !


In the menu, we have the mixture of Japanese & Western food like Sukiyaki pasta and Teriyaki chicken pizza for those who want to taste Japanese style, and those who don’t. We also have Hamburgers using only Halal meat. And all deserts are served without pig derived shortening & emulsifier. Come and enjoy our new style of Japanese Halal taste !

Message to Muslims

So come and see us In Kobe where the oldest mosque in Japan is located for Halal food and enjoyable time ! Pick up is available up to 6 people, and we also have one parking available. For groups, we can take up to 20 people. We are only open by reservation so please make a reservation in advance when you visit us.

Sharing Cafe Kobe Nagomi


33-10, Kanda-cho, Hyogo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo
Only for reservation
Halal Gourmet Japan

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