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Halal Kobe Beef Sukiyaki Shows up in Asakusa at last! “Gonpachi Asakusa Azumabashi”

Only here you can have Halal Kobe Sukiyaki in Asakusa!

Gonpachi Asakusa Azumabashi opened as the newest branch of Gonpachi in January, 2017. This restaurant has been offering authentic Japanese cuisines cooked by the professional chef.

This time, they are going to start Halal Kobe Beef Sukiyaki course from the first day of HALAL EXPO JAPAN 2017 on 21st November (Tue).

This is the best moment to eat Halal Kobe Beef while looking at this night view!

Halal Kobe Beef Sukiyaki Course

¥15,000 (tax included)

Appetizer is elegant Japanese dishes such as fishes and Yuba (tofu skin).

Recently, Kobe Beef has been paid much attention especially from Muslim residents and tourists for its taste and brand.

Here, Kobe Beef is cooked into Sukiyaki in the Japanese way. They use raw egg to eat Kobe Beef with, which is not familiar to people living outside of Japan.

The happiest time is when you finish foods in pot in which Kobe Beef’s soup is left. Let’s put Udon into the soup and wait for a few minutes. Yes here it is, very tasty dish is complete. This Udon in the last of Sukiyaki is called “Shime”.

Lastly, dessert is “Brown sugar vanilla ice cream with Yomogi mochi and Kinako(roasted soy flour) “. Combination of Japanese ingredients are really satisfying! Not too sweet.

*All ingredients are managed & provided based on “Muslim Omotenashi Guidebook” by Japan Tourism Agency, and consideration of Muslim chef.

*Reservation 2 days in advance (TEL:+81-3-5830-3791)
*During HALAL EXPO JAPAN 2017, 21st to 23rd November, You can book by 2pm on the day of your visit!

Muslim Friendly Policy

1. We don’t obtain Halal certificate.
2. We are using halal-certified beef and chicken and corresponding (muslim-friendly) seasoning .
3. Kitchen isn’t Halal exclusive use.
4. Cookware such as cutting board, knife, bowl and colander etc are used separately for halal food.
5. Normally we use the same tableware, but if any request, we can prepare disposable tableware, glass, fork, knife, and wooden chopsticks.

Gonpachi Asakusa Azumabashi restaurant can be accessed from Exit No. 4 of Asakusa station on Tokyo Metro Ginza Line and Exit A5 of Asakusa station on Toei Asakusa Line.

Are you ready for having this awesome cuisine?

Gonpachi Asakusa Azumabashi

1F, 2F Bldg Nakagawa, 2-1-15 Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Halal Gourmet Japan