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Cultured Meat Set to Revolutionize the Food Industry

The cultured meat industry is on the rise, and the United States is playing a leading role. In a major milestone, two American companies, GOOD Meat, and UPSIDE Foods, have obtained approval to sell lab-grown meat in the United States. This comes after GOOD Meat received authorization for sales in Singapore in December 2020, making the US the second country to allow the commercialization of cultured meat.

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The approval process for cultured meat sales involved several key steps. First, both UPSIDE Foods and GOOD Meat successfully cleared the FDA’s safety assessment. Then, in June 2023, both companies received certification from the USDA regarding labeling requirements for their lab-grown meat products. Finally, also in June 2023, both UPSIDE Foods and GOOD Meat received inspection certificates from the USDA.

The approval of lab-grown meat sales in the United States is a major step forward for the industry. It demonstrates that cultured meat is safe and that the regulatory framework is in place to allow for its commercialization. This is good news for consumers who are looking for more sustainable and ethical meat options.

GOOD Meat’s Lab Grown Meat

Industry leaders are excited about the potential of cultured meat to revolutionize the food system. Josh Tetrick, CEO of GOOD Meat, said that the approval of sales in the US is “a significant event for our company, the industry, and the food system as a whole.” Uma Valeti, CEO of UPSIDE Foods, said that this is “a major step forward towards a more sustainable future, fundamentally changing the way meat reaches our tables.”

While specific details such as the exact release dates, pricing, and availability in stores are yet to be determined, all eyes are on the future of cultured meat. The approval for sales in the United States reinforces the growing momentum and interest surrounding this innovative industry.