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AKUA, an alternative protein company based in the U.S, has launched the world’s first burger patty made primarily from kombu kelp. In addition to the main seaweed component, the patty recipe also consists of other plant-based ingredients including black beans, quinoa, tomatoes, mushrooms, and peas.

“We established an alternative product which is much healthier and more sustainable than conventional plant-based burgers,”- AKUA spokesperson says. 

As part of the product debut, the kelp burger boasts a healthy nutrition profile that includes an abundance of nutrients such as vitamins, zinc, calcium, and iron, as well as being a product free from saturated fat, trans fat, and sugar.

Kombu attracts further attention from the plant-based and sustainable foods industry by having a marine ecosystem-friendly farming process. Kombu does not require freshwater sources, fertilizer, feed, and farmland, and also helps by filtering carbon and nitrogen from the water.

Currently, The Kelp Burger is sold exclusively online at 48.99 USD for 12 patties (5,366 yen/444 yen per patty). AKUA plans to collaborate with multiple diners in the U.S soon to distribute their product further.

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US Company Akua Launches “World’s First” Kelp Burger


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It appears AKUA is not the only corporation that has placed focus on using seaweed as the main ingredient for plant-based burgers. The Dutch Weed Burger in Netherlands and Plantruption from Ireland are two leading companies that invest in the potential of seaweed.

This is a critical topic for Japan as it is a leading production site for Kombu Kelp following China and Korea. We will be sure to keep an eye on this trend.


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Translation by Riku Kurosaka from Plant Based Japan, Inc.