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Items That Remind You of Japan

It will not be complete without buying some souvenirs! Whether it is for yourself or for family and friends, would be great when you have things that remind you of how exciting your trip to Japan was.

Local-Themed Magnet

This item has been a top recommended item popular among tourists especially those from South East Asia countries. Each city has its own themed magnet, which you can find easily at souvenir shops in a sightseeing area. The magnet comes at a price of around 500 yen each.

Osaka-themed magnet featuring local specialties

Kyoto-themed magnet

Chirimen Goods

Chirimen or crape textile is a traditional Japanese fabric that was also used as the material for kimonos. These days, the fabric is often used for pouches, ornaments, dolls, and more. It comes in vivid colors and beautiful Japanese patterns.

Goods from chirimen are easy to find especially at the sightseeing spot in old cities such as Kyoto.

Chirimen handbags

Chirimen hanging decoration

Chirimen ball

Local-Themed Socks, T-shirts, and Goods

If you are looking for something more funny and interesting, you can go for socks, T-shirts, and goods in local-themed! For example, you can find takoyaki-themed socks, an octopus key holder (inspired by takoyaki, where tako means octopus in Japanese), a takoyaki pouch, and funny sunglasses with the Kansai dialect in Osaka.

Japan & Osaka-themed socks

Funny glasses with a phrase in the Kansai dialect

Takoyaki-themed goods

Starbucks Local-Themed Card

Starbucks in Japan has a Starbucks card which you can only purchase in shops in the area. So for example, if you want to have a Kyoto-themed Starbucks card, you have to get one at a Starbucks shop in Kyoto.

You will need to deposit a minimum of 1,000 yen to the card. Of course, you can use the deposit amount at Starbucks shops within Japan, which means you will get the card for free.

Kyoto-themed Starbucks card at Starbucks Ninenzaka branch, Kyoto. This is the only branch that comes with tatami!

Japanese-Pattern Pens

Looking for something good for families and friends? These Japanese-pattern pens come in 5 pcs in a pack and at a reasonable price, a perfect option to give out.

Japanese-pattern pens

Japanese Stamps in Your Name

The stamp still has an important role in Japanese daily life, as you will need to use stamps for almost everything. Having your name in kanji and carved on a stamp should be something you will not get anywhere else except in Japan!

Japanese stamps in your name

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