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Uighur owner serves you authentic uighur dish!

Do you know the new halal restaurant started in August 2017,called “HALAL SAKURA”?
This is an authentic Uyghur restaurant opened by the owner from Uyghur,
This time I’d like to let you know the attracting points of this restaurant.

Easy to get from Narita airport directly

HALAL SAKURA is located 6 minutes from Nippori and 4 minutes from Uguisudani on foot,
Since it only takes a minimum of 36 minutes from Narita Airport,
it’s a great location for tourists as well.

Nippori is known as a famous textile town,
I often see Muslims which are looking for cloth for hijab.
But now many halal restaurants were concentrating around Ueno, Okachimachi, Asakusa,
so it was very difficult to find halal restaurants in Nippori so far.

Then because this time HALAL SAKURA was opened in Nippori,
it will be more convenient for Muslim definitely.

“スクリーンショット” 2017-09-05 22.59.31

“スクリーンショット” 2017-09-05 23.04.31

HALAL SAKURA got halal certification

“スクリーンショット” 2017-09-05 23.00.27
Owner Mr.Ablat wanted to make a restaurant where Muslims can eat safely,
HALAL SAKURA was acquired halal certification from NAHA.
Of course all of foods and ingredients have no alcohol and pork at all,
Moreover they don’t provide alcoholic beverages as well.
It seems that Muslim people will be able to enjoy meals without any worries.

You can try not only Uighur cuisine but Japanese cuisine as well!

“スクリーンショット” 2017-09-05 23.03.46
Actually most of the staff in this shop are from Uyghur,
but the manager is a Japanese woman.
So you can try not only Uighur food but Japanese food,too.

Let’s enjoy authentic Uighur and Japanese dish!

First of all, I tried one of the traditional food in Uighur,”Lamb Shabu Shabu” (3280 yen)”.
This is a must taste food when you have Uighur dish.


It’s very juicy and tender,
then I can say this is the best lamb shabu shabu than I ever had before.

It tastes very hot but if you want to make it more spicy,
you can put Uyghur spice on it.

I tried it…but for me it’s too spicy.haha
You can check in details in this video.

There is one more thing surprised me…


Did you see that?
This is beef tail.
It was first time for me to have it.
Since it got boiled for a long time,
it’s very tender and melt it in my mouth.
When you go there,please try it by all means.

Apart from that Wagyu(Japanese beef) is also available here(2580円).


As it is Japanese beef,it tastes very rich and melt in my mouth soon after I had it.
This is the taste that you can not stop once you eat it.

In addition,I tried ramen (980 yen) and Japanese typical set meal”Teishoku” (1000 yen).


Ramen was based on soy sauce, this is very traditional and typical type of ramen.
Also it tastes made from beef bones,and of course it tastes so delicious.

The owner Mr.Ablat is trying to improve its menu every day
through the voice of each customer like below.


Next month (October,2017) he is going to release new menu soon.
He already told me about it and I’m feeling very excited it!

When the due date of the new menu announcement approaches,
Halal Media Japan will also publish about it,so please don’t miss it!

Also,if you share HALAL SAKURA on Facebook now,they will give you 10% off discount,
so when you come to Tokyo, please come and visit Nippori HALAL SAKURA by all means.


2-18-11, Negishi, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0003
Halal Gourmet Japan
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