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Written by: Swastika Kusumawati

Nowadays, the superfood from Japan, natto, became popular in Indonesia. The boom of natto is started by influencers on some media platforms that introduce natto and how to eat it.
There are not many people who know how to eat natto properly and, unfortunately, somehow give a negative image of natto.

Today, we will introduce you to how to eat natto in the proper way so that you can enjoy natto deliciously!

The More You Mix It The More Delicious It Will Be

This is one of the most essential points to pull out the umami in natto.
Please check the instruction below to get the best way:

1. Prepare natto that is about to expire. The umami component will be doubled during the fermentation process.

2. Mix natto as it is WITHOUT adding the attached sauce. Make sure you mix it from 50~400 times until it gets foamy. It’s scientifically proven that the more you mix it, the more delicious it will be.

3. Add the sauce little by little to add flavor to the stickiness of the natto.

4. Put in the bowl of rice and enjoy! (you can also have it directly from the packaging right away after mixing)

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Natto Arrangement Recipes

If you are not really good at eating natto as it is in raw condition, you can cook and arrange it to reduce the smell and to be easier to enjoy.

These are some natto recipes you might like to try!

Grilled Natto


1. Put natto, chopped green onions, natto sauce, potato starch, and grated cheese in a bowl, and mix.

2. Put the cooking oil in the frypan, heat it, scoop natto, and put it into the frying pan with medium heat until both sides are getting brown.

Fried Wonton Natto and Cheese


1. Put natto and the attached sauce in a bowl and mix, then add perilla, processed cheese, salt, and pepper, then mix it again.

2. Put the natto on the wonton wrapper, wrap and attach it with water. Please note that the amount of natto has to be adjusted with a wonton wrapper so that the natto will not leak out from the wrapper.

3. Put oil into a frying pan and heat it until 170°C and fry it until the wrapper becomes golden brown.

Eat natto just like it is might be a bit challenging, mostly caused by its unique taste, smell, and appearance. However, since it has plenty of nutrition which is too good to waste, you can try to arrange it into the food you like!