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Most Natto Have A Slight Alcohol Content, But We Found Those Without It!

Natto has been a popular keyword on the internet these days. It is fermented soybeans and appears sticky. Despite its unique smell and taste, this Japan’s superfood got itself buzzed with its amazing nutrition, yet inexpensive.

We’ve been talking about the halal-ness of Natto, and today we will talk about the alcohol-free natto we found at the local supermarket and why it has a slight alcohol content while it is being consumed widely even by pregnant women and kids.

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Natto Without Alcohol Content

Fortunately, we found natto which sauce does not have alcohol content at the local supermarket! Those are Tamago Shoyu Tare and Kume Natto, both by Mizkan Holdings.


Kume Natto

[Natto] Soybeans (made in America or Canada), natto-kin (natto bacteria).

[Sauce] Shoyu (contains wheat and soy), high-fructose corn syrup, salt, bonito extract, kelp extract/seasoning (amino acid, etc), and acidulant.

[Mustard] Mustard, reduced sugar syrup, brewed vinegar, salt/acidulant, spices, colorant (turmeric), polysaccharide thickener, seasoning (amino acid, etc).

Tamago Shoyu Tare

[Natto] soybeans (made in America or Canada), natto-kin (natto bacteria).

[Sauce] Sugar kelp high-fructose corn syrup, shoyu (contains wheat and soy), salt, yolk (contains egg), brewed vinegar, egg yolk enzyme decomposer (c0ntains egg)/seasoning (amino acid, etc), fragrant (egg-derived).

Tamago shoyu tare on Amazon Japan ((40 g x3)x 5 packs).

We’ll keep updating this article once we find other alcohol-free natto.

Another Option

The Price Quality’s Very Small Grain Natto by Yamada Foods

This natto comes in very small soybeans so kids, especially, can eat it way easier. It contains only the fermented soybeans without sauce.

Ingredients: soybeans (from America), natto-kin (natto bacteria)

The company suggested enjoying it in the arrangement of your liking, such as enjoying it with grated ponzu sauce, eating it together with green onions or okra, and more!

Why Does Natto Sauce Have Alcohol Content?

Alcohol is commonly added to Japanese seasonings in a very small amount, including natto sauce which is more likely to taste like mentsuyu (Japanese soup base). The purposes are as a preservative to extend the retention period and to prevent mold.

If you only find natto with alcohol content, you can enjoy natto with other sauces as it tastes great with most of the Japanese seasonings we introduced here, or make the sauce by yourself!

Make Natto Sauce At Home!, a website introducing Japanese food recipes, introduces how to make mentsuyu in an easy way!


Water (450 ml)
Kelp (3-5 g)
Bonito flakes (12-15 g)
Shoyu (90 ml/6 tablespoons) → you can use halal shoyu
Mirin (90 ml/6 tablespoons) → you can use sugar, date syrup, or honey


  1. Put the water and kelp in a pot, and let stay for about 30 mins.
  2. Put the pot on low medium heat, wait until it boils lightly, then remove the kelp just before it completely boils.
  3. Add soy sauce and mirin, and wait for boiling.
  4. When it boils, turn off the heat and add bonito flakes. Lightly submerge it with chopsticks, turn on medium heat and let it simmer for 5 to 6 mins.
  5. After boiling, remove the pot from heat. Let the bonito stay until the heat is removed or until the temperature reaches the level of human skin,
  6. Strain the bonito flakes. Press the bonito firmly with a chopstick to get the umami out.

Storage the mentsuyu in the refrigerator (shelf life 5-6 days).

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