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Ramadan 2022 is Just Around The Corner!

The holy month is here! Ramadan 2022 is expected to start from April 1 (Friday) to April 30 (Saturday) and bring joy to Muslims all over the world.

We’ve been getting on with the pandemic for approximately 2 years, which means that we are welcoming Ramadan in the pandemic 2 times already. Let’s see the prediction of how Muslims in Japan will or planning to have in Ramadan 2022.

Have Iftar Together

This is the idea we got the most. Enjoying the iftar together is something we are looking forward to that boosts our energy to do our best for fasting the next day. Especially Muslims that live abroad are more likely to have iftar together, as a place to interact with other Muslims.

When the pandemic hit the world in 2020, most mosques stopped organizing iftar as an action for infection measurement prevention. In 2021, some mosques had iftar in a very small group of people, those who wanted to join were required to reserve a seat in advance and obeyed the infection control such as disinfecting their hands before entering the mosque, preventing from talking out loud, wearing a mask, and body temperature check.

In 2022, mosques in Japan are predicted to organize iftar still in small groups while watching the latest infection condition within the country. There is still no official announcement yet on whether it needs reservation in advance to join and we keep an eye on it.

On the other hand, there is an idea to enjoy iftar, also in small groups, at one house to avoid crowds.

Going Back To Home Country

Some countries open the border for their people to go back home with strict rules regarding PCR tests, quarantine, and so on. According to our questionnaire on Halal Media Japan Instagram, there are some Muslim brothers and sisters who are planning to go back home for a while for celebrating the holy month as well as Eid.

Celebrating and enjoying Ramadan in the home country with big families is amazing and really touches the heart as we can feel the blessing of the holy month deeper, and brighter than ever.

Is it possible to go back to Japan then?

Some types of visas are allowed to re-enter Japan. However, since the condition is still unstable yet, so make sure to regularly check the latest regulation to enter Japan.

Possibility to Taraweeh at the Mosque?

Still no official announcement from mosques yet, however, make sure to keep an eye on the latest news from your nearest mosque as we believe they will make an announcement right before Ramadan starts at the latest. In the past 2 years, some mosques were organizing iftar only and asked people to do Taraweeh at home, while other mosques held Taraweeh together but requires those who join to bring their own prayer mats and keep social distance.

We’ll update once we got something new!

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