Japan’s Vaccination App, “Wakupasu”

Wakupasu (ワクパス, vaccine passport)is a vaccination application announced by The Medical Check Promotion Organization and ICheck on 6th of October that will be delivered soon. The application helps to manage vaccination records, provides special benefits for those who already get vaccinated, and introduces a mechanism that makes it easy to purchase antigen test kits, according to Yahoo News.

Credit to: Yahoo News

Wakupasu display screen. Credit to: Travel Voice

Users need to register the vaccination certificate information and identity documents after downloading. The application will display proof of vaccination with the user’s face on the screen.

Some Japanese companies such as HIS, Kappa sushi, APA Hotels, and more show their interest in collaborating with the application to offer special benefits to customers who showing proof of vaccination from the application when using hotels or restaurants.

The application is free of charge and will be available for iOS and Android.

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The external board member of ICheck, Hitomi Shimatani says, the aim of the application is to promote vaccination and to revitalize the economic activities of various organizations and companies that have been hit by COVID-19, according to Yahoo News.

Even the benefits only to those who have been vaccinated, it does not impose inconvenience on those who have not been vaccinated. Furthermore, they are considering alternatives for those who cannot be vaccinated due to allergies other inevitable reasons.