Oshino Hakkai is a touristy small village located close to Fujisan Museum and Lake Yamanaka in Yamanashi Prefecture, in the southeast of Kawaguchi Lake. The place is blessed with eight ponds from the snowmelt of Mount Fuji that comes down in several decades that makes the water is extremely clear, according to the Yamanashi Tourism Organization. Furthermore, the Oshino Hakkai is recognized as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site as part of Mt. Fuji in 2013.

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Since the area is in suburbs, we recommend going by car or rental bus. There is a number of parking lots nearby so you will not find any difficulties finding where to park.

There is Oshino Village Tourist Information Center nearby to get some pamphlets and guides. Then you can freely enjoy the scenery, the ambiance as it is free to enter and is open 24-hours!

These are eight ponds in Oshino Hakkai.

  1. Deguchiike Pond
  2. Okamaike Pond
  3. Sokonashiike Pond
  4. Choshiike Pond
  5. Wakuike Pond
  6. Nigoriike Pond
  7. Kagamiike Pond
  8. Shobuike Pond

However, the artificial pond Naka-ike (Naka pond) (according to the Kawaguchi-ko Travel Information) is the most crowded area on the site as it is surrounded by souvenir shops and restaurants, offering a mesmerizing view of Mount Fuji and a traditional house with a watermill on the back. It has surprisingly clear water as you can clearly see the bottom of the pond.

Clear blue water as you can see the bottom of the pond!

Inside the souvenir shops, you can find a waterfall fountain with natural spring water flowing and is ready to drink or to take home. You can purchase empty bottles (right beside the fountain) and fill them with spring water. 

Halal Foods

There are udon and soba restaurants surrounding the area, including restaurants right beside the Naka-ike pond. However, we still cannot confirm the halal-ness yet. However, we got you some halal and vegetarian restaurants nearby which are mostly close to Kawaguchi Lake!

Houto Labo (houto is the popular local food of Yamanashi Prefecture)
Fujisan Lava Cafe
Aladdin India Restaurant
Fujiten Snow Resort Restaurant Yodel