Eid Adha is one of the biggest Muslim celebrations that become an opportunity for Muslims living in Japan and Japanese Muslims to interact, gather, and do silaturrahim.

Celebrating his second Eid Adha in 2021, today we interview Mamoru, a Japanese Muslim who shares with us his experience and impression of doing Eid Adha prayer in a mosque in Tokyo.

Mamoru (right) with his Uzbekistan friend before prayer

The Second Eid Adha in Life

Mamoru was joining Eid Adha prayer at As-Salam Masjid in Okachimachi, Tokyo. Even though this is his second time celebrating Eid Adha, this year is his first time joining Eid Adha prayer. He was surprised at how people are gathering energetically even in the very early morning to join the prayer. 

“This is my first time join the prayer and I was extremely surprised at how a lot of people have gathered already in the mosque even it is still 6 in the morning”, he says. 

As one of the infection prevention measurements, the mosque divided prayer time into three to adjust the number of jama’ah on each prayer time.

Eid Adha prayer at As-Salam Mosque, Okachimachi (Tokyo)

Before entering the mosque, everyone had to check body temperature, disinfect hands and sole of shoes, and keep their distance from each other.

“There were people who check the body temperature and help to guide people to do disinfect in front of the mosque. Later I knew that they are volunteers and it is really touched me. This spectacle makes me think to raise my awareness more of helping each other”, he adds.

In the prayer hall, there are marks that show places you can take for prayer to maintain distance from other jama’ah during prayer.

Marks on the carpet to show where people should take place during prayer to keep social distance

On Eid Adha prayer this time, the khutbah was telling about the importance of helping our brothers and sisters worldwide who are in trouble. It was performed in English, then translated into Japanese.

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Celebrating Eid Adha

Besides celebrating the big day at the mosque with other Muslims, Mamoru did not forget to send Eid Adha greetings to his friends, especially those who are living abroad. Mamoru found it a great opportunity to get in touch with more people.

“I was happy to be able to talk to people I haven’t been able to contact recently about many things with Eid greetings as a start”, he says.

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