Ramadhan will end soon and Muslims are reminded to do Zakat al-Fitr. Even Japan is a Muslim-minority country, Muslims in Japan can easily fulfill the Zakat. These are some ways how Muslims in Japan do Zakat Al-Fitr.

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To the Home Country

Most Muslims do Zakat directly to the home country, whether it is in some amount of money or items/products, to those in need that close to their home or to the local mosque.


Some mosques in Japan collect Zakat al-Fitr which usually costs 1,500 yen per person. Muslims who willing to do Zakat to the mosque can easily transfer the amount to the designated bank account. In the case of the Tokyo Camii Mosque, the zakat will be used for the education of students at Imam Hatip School in Turkey and to help students outside of Japan (mainly Cambodia) who need financial assistance.

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Muslim Community

There are some Muslim communities that also collect Zakat al-Fitr which can be easily transferred to the designated bank account. In the case of Fahima Jepang (a community for Muslimah living in Japan), the Zakat will be used to help those who in need in Indonesia.


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