Mother, a special person in our life that accepts us no matter who we are and always by our side even the world against us. As a reflection of thanks to mother, Japan celebrates what is called “Mother’s Day” or “Haha no Hi” which will come in very soon.

When the Mother’s Day Celebrate in Japan?

Mother’s Day in Japan has the same date as in the USA, the second Sunday in May. That’s why Mother’s Day has no fixed date and always celebrated on different dates every year that somehow makes it difficult to remember. This year, the second Sunday in May will be on 9th May 2021.

In Japan, this year’s Mother’s Day will fall at the end of a long national holiday Golden Week, so it will be the perfect time when all the family members gather to give a present for our lovely mother.

Usually, in April or a month before Mother’s Day, we can feel the vibes in public spaces or shopping malls. They offer presents for Mother’s Day at a good price and an interesting campaign.

What Kind of Presents does Japanese Give on Mother’s Day?

The best present for our mother can be anything and she would glad in anything we give. However, to represent our thank, it should be something beautiful that can make her heart blooms, doesn’t it?

Flower Bouquets

Yes, the classic one that never fails is the flower. It describes the figure of the mother, beautiful yet strong and can heal our problems just only seeing it. The common flowers for this moment are carnation or rose. Besides, flowerium (decorated flower in the bottle), flower candles are becoming famous these days.

Besides flowers, there are a lot of selected presents for Mother’s Day chosen by the Japanese to give to mothers in 2021.

Flower Bath Fragrance

Not only beautiful to look at, but also give relaxation and luxury to mothers when taking a bath!

Beauty Items/Tools

It ranges from skincare items and cosmetics to beauty tools. It’s time to give mothers a special me-time with the latest beauty item!

Decoration cake

Some cake shops provide flower-decorated cakes in welcoming Mother’s Day.

Miscellaneous Goods

A lot of brands introduce Mother’s Day selected miscellaneous goods that mothers can use daily.

Actually, we can appreciate and be thankful for mother every day, but to make it more special and memorable, why not to try to blossom her heart with these beautiful gifts?

Happy Mother’s Day!