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Written by Dina san

I was in Kyoto for a workshop last July. When I asked a friend who is currently living in the city for a space that I can use to pray at Kyoto Station, she recommended Ayam-Ya chicken soba restaurant instead that is located close to the station. Having also need lunch before going to the workshop, I eagerly accepted her suggestion.

Ayam-Ya as its name explained (Ayam in Bahasa Indonesia means chicken), is one of the few chicken ramen/soba restaurants that has claimed its Halal certificate in Japan. Easier to reach from the Central Exit (Chuo Guchi) of Kyoto Station, it took me around 10 minutes’ walk. It was not easy to spot at first in the intersection, your eyes would probably go to the big APA hotel on your left, another big hotel across it, and a crossing bridge, but looking across to the right, the second shops after crossing the road, you will see a big white Noren sign of AYAM-YA hanging on its windows.

The restaurant has a ticketing machine where you have to buy the menu you want first before ordering. It has English on it, so no worries. There were several options of ramen from the usual ones with miso or salt soup and from the tsukemen varieties, but after asking the waitress on the house’s recommendation, I decided to order the thick broth soup ramen, normal (futsuu) size.
Which I regretted later because it was so GOOD and normal size was just not enough! Thankfully, I had a second chance to go to the restaurant before going back to Tokyo, and this time, ordered large (oomori) size! Needles to say, I love their chewy  noodles and especially the rich soup.

One other thing that I especially appreciate about this restaurant is, the praying room (not just space) they provided. After entering the restaurant you will think that this restaurant is quite cramped at first, but if you have the chance to look at their prayer space, you will want to hug the owner!
Because obviously they had sacrificed seating space for more customers to build it. It was quite a spacious room, very clean and air-conditioned, with a sliding door to divide women and men praying space and wudhu place in both spaces. I am sorry to say this, but I have seen the worst praying places even in my own country. So, it was truly an oasis.

Bottom line, I definitely suggest that if you ever visit Kyoto and need a place to pray and have a portion of good food, please check out Ayam-Ya! Salam, everyone.

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