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A Place You can Use to Pray at the Tokyo Disney Sea

Tokyo Disney Sea has been a popular attraction spot apart from the well-known Tokyo Disneyland, inspired by ocean tales and legends with seven themed ports that offer abundance of fun attractions and entertainment.

Finding a quiet and calm place to pray in that crowd attraction spot is a challenge for Muslim visitors.

In the Tokyo Disney Sea, we found that there is a room called “Quiet Room” which Muslim visitors can use to do pray! The room is located outside the park in the picnic area, at a one minute walk from the Park Entrance South. If you want to use the room, don’t forget to inform the staff at the gate and get the re-entry stamp beforehand, so you can go back to the park later.

Disney Sea Map

The Quiet Room located at the picnic area close to the Park Entrance South we marked circle red and orange arrow at the top left

Park Entrance South

From the Park Entrance South, you will find a gift shop “Parkway Gifts South” on the right. The Quiet Room is located right behind the gift shop.

The Quiet Room

There are some cute chairs and tables in front of the room with a calming retro exterior. It is quite spacious that is able to accommodate approximately 20 person, facilitated with a men-women-separated space to do hand-foot wash you can use to do ablution. The room can be used during open hour of the Tokyo Disney Sea.

Spacious space inside the Quiet Room

Don’t forget to bring your own pray mat and pray clothes. We are using our smartphone to find qibla direction.

Please note that anyone can use the room since it is not dedicated exclusively to pray. If you find difficulties in finding the room, feel free to ask the staff, they will kindly guide you to find the room.

Halal Food Nearby

The nearest halal food from the Tokyo Disney Sea is the Red Lobster in Tokyo Disney Resort (inside Ikspiari). You can enjoy the three options of muslim friendly menu available there. You may reach the Red Lobster Tokyo Disney Resort way easier by train on Tokyo Disney Resort Line since it is just separated by one station (Tokyo Disney Sea station → Maihama station) after enjoying the theme park.

The most pooular menu, gyudon!

Butter chicken curry

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About the Tokyo Disney Sea

1-13 Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture 279-0031
Open Hour
Park operating hours subject to change without notice. Be sure to check this page before visiting.
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