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Kusumoto Nishiazabu has started serving Ozaki beef course for 5,500 yen and Kobe beef course for 6,000 yen

Halal Wagyu at Kusumoto Nishiazabu

Located about 10 minutes on foot from Tokyo Metro Roppongi station, “Kusumoto” restaurant serves Japanese authentic dishes. To support Muslim inbound and welcome Muslim customers, Kusumoto has started serving many course menus with Halal Japanese meat. Generally, restaurant offers seasonal dishes and menu based on the owner’s recommendation.

The owner of Kusumoto

Lately, Kusumoto’s signature dishes, dishes with Kobe and Ozaki beef are very popular among Muslim customers. And now, in addition to meat dishes, Kusumoto also serves fish and seafood for the main course.

Menu offers

Course menu served at Kusumoto consists of:
・Seasonal appetizer
・Main dish (choose from menus mentioned below)
・Rice (add extra 1,000 yen and you can change to Kobe Beef Kare)

Grilled Marinated Black Cod Fish with Miso 4,500 yen (excluded tax)

Black Cod fish is popular among foreigners and Kusumoto offers Black Cod fish in Japanese authentic Kyoto-style grilled fish. You can enjoy delicious large Black Cod fish.

Japanese Scallop and Steamed Shrimp with Bean Starch Vermicelli 5,000 yen (tax excluded)

In addition to the large scallop’s roe (also called ‘coral’), you can also enjoy the texture of bean starch vermicelli (glass noodle) and the aroma of the ocean that will spread in your mouth.

Grilled Ozaki Beef 5,500 yen (tax excluded), Grilled Kobe Beef 6,000 yen (tax excluded)

Enjoy luxurious Teppanyaki with Kobe and Ozaki beef, the representative of Wagyu (Japanese beef). Kobe beef is also very popular brand among Muslim customers. Chef has been wanting many customers to try another Japanese beef other than Kobe beef, such as Ozaki beef.

Ozaki Beef Roast Steak 7,500 yen (tax excluded), Kobe Beef Round Steak 7,500 yen (tax excluded)

Restaurant serves Halal Kobe and Ozaki beef steaks. These particular menus are attracting customers from all around the world. I’m certain that everybody has the same thought, that they can feel the taste of meat oozes out with every chew. You can enjoy variant flavors with Wasabi or Kusumoto original sauce.

Seasonal appetizers *Included in all menus

Kusumoto’s owner created dishes with wild vegetables that foreign customers have probably never seen before. The reason is because he wanted foreign customers to taste a little bit of Japan’s food culture.

Sea urchin served inside a cutlery decorated as Mount Fuji, Japanese Caviar and lots of Japanese seafood served inside round shape cutlery. Experience the refreshing taste of wild vegetables and Japanese unique ingredients. They taste wonderful!

*8% Consumption tax and 5% service charge will apply. Please make reservation prior to arrival

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Opening Hours 18:00〜23:00
Close Sunday and holidays
Address 3-23-5 Nishi-Azabu, Minatoku, Tokyo 106-0031
Phone 03-6447-2427
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