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Yakiniku Restaurant Okuda started Muslim Friendly Menu

Do you know about Nabari city in Mie Prefecture?
Nabari city is located just 1 hour from main big cities such as Osaka, Kyoto, and Nagoya.

In Nabari city, there is the popular “Yakiniku Restaurant Okuda” that serves halal yet authentic Japanese beef.

With 33 years of experience in meat, Mr. Okuda, who manages the restaurant, carefully select the halal beef, which is now served in the restaurant!

The meat’s melting sensation will, definitely, become a guaranteed unforgettable memory.
Enjoy the highest quality of halal yakiniku in Nabari city!


Yakiniku Okuda has various meals start from 980 yen for beef, 460 yen for sea food, and set menu start from 3,500 yen (all exclude tax).


Below is restaurant’s muslim-friendly policy.

(1) We don’t have halal certificate as a restaurant

(2) Our kitchen is used for general cooking. It is not only for Muslim.

(3) We use halal certified meat for muslim friendly menu.

(4) We use halal certified seasoning for muslim friendly menu.
※If there is no halal certificate, we check the ingredients and use it.

(5) Kitchenware such as cutting boards and kitchen knives, balls and fryers are only for halal.

(6) Tableware and tongs on the table are only for halal.

About Yakiniku Restaurant Okuda

2-126 Konodai, Nabari city, Mie 518-0702
[Lunch] 11:00-14:00 [Dinner]14:00-21:00
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