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Restaurant and Café “Kamaya Café du Reverbere” in front of Nikko Station has started Muslim-friendly menu

Nikko is one of the representative tourist destinations of Japan.

Recently, prayer room has been established at Nikko Station and Nikko Muslim-friendly Map also has been made. The Muslim hospitality service was developed in Nikko.

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Kamaya Café du Reverbere is a very popular restaurant for both locals and tourists. It is located near Nikko Station and now started serving Muslim-friendly menu using local ingredients.

In addition, you can taste the finest non-alcoholic sweets made by a pastry chef. So, customers can visit the restaurant to enjoy both Muslim-friendly meals and sweets. And don’t miss the shaved ice with chopped frozen strawberries from Tochigi’s prefecture, it is highly recommended.

Muslim-friendly Food Policy

Kamaya Cafe du Reverbere’s Menu

Please come by, if you come to Nikko.

Restaurant and Café Kamaya Cafe du Reverbere

12-6, Matsubara-cho, Nikko-shi, Tochigi 321-1406
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