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“Mensho Kirin” starts selling Muslim-friendly ramen

Mensho Kirin

What do you imagine when you hear the word, “Kagoshima”? Besides Sakurajima, there are beautiful ocean and onsen!

Kagoshima is one of the famous tourist destination that is known by sea, mountain, and beautiful nature. Please drop by Kagoshima when you visit Japan.

Mensho Kirin

In Kagoshima, “Mensho Kirin” starts selling Muslim-friendly ramen. That ramen consists of the soup that was made from Halal chicken and seafood, Halal seasonings, and Halal noodles. Please enjoy the ramen of the highest quality.

Many Muslim students of Kagoshima University gathered in the tasting party, and they told the staffs their preference and gave the advice. Inoue, the restaurant manager, said that they were proud of the taste of the ramen because that had made to meet the Muslim’s request such as spicy level.

13405248_606927082811815_1689210533_oMensho Kirin

[2 menus are available] Shoyu Ramen 800 JPY
Karamen (Spicy Ramen) 900 JPY, you can choose the spicy level from 1-50 kara
*They use extra cooking utensils, bowl, chopsticks, and spoon for Halal under the supervision of Muslim people of Kagoshima University.


*This restaurant is not Halal certified.
*Alcoholic drinks are sold.

Opening Hours Tue-Thu [Lunch] 11:30-14:30 [Dinner] 18:30~24:00 Fri, Sat 18:30-25:00 Sun 18:30-22:00
Close Monday
Address 2F, 1-10-5 Kamoike, Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima
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