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Model course with Muslim-friendly map Beppu!


Beppu is a city well-known as hot spring city. Do you know that Beppu is suddenly becoming very popular among Muslims?


This time we got a chance to have one day model course in Beppu by using “Muslim Friendly Map”.

From hot spring, restaurant, until mosque! Lots of Muslim-friendly spot will be introduced here!


First, we stopped by at Information Center in Beppu station to get Muslim Friendly Map Beppu.
Then we moved to first sightseeing spot.

Umi Jigoku


First place we visit was a place called “Umi Jigoku”.
Even it looks like common lake, but it has 98 degrees of hot water.
Its beautiful and mysterious cobalt blue makes it famous as one of must-see sightseeing spot.

Hyotan Onsen

Next place was Hyotan Onsen.
Hyotan Onsen became a topic with its three-stars from Michelin.
They also have private bath where Muslim guest can enjoy their hot spring comfortably.




After healing tiredness at the hot spring, we experienced bamboo work with Enma. Bamboo work is one traditional craft in Beppu, where now we can learn it directly from the craftsman.



Beppu mosque

When pray time coming, we stopped by at Beppu mosque where we can interact with Muslim in Beppu and Imam, one of best part while visiting Beppu.




Charo is Japanese sweets shop popular among local people. Except for some items, almost all sweets provided here are halal and many Muslims come to buy the sweets as souvenirs while visiting Beppu.
※Please ask shop staffs for halal products when have a visit there.



Yukemuri (clouds of white steamvapor)

This is the very-must-see sightseeing spot in Beppu, the popular “Yukemuri”, a lot of nature spot surrounded by ocean and mountain.



Travel to Beppu but not enjoy its food? Big no.
Looking for dinner in Beppu means go to Jidoriya, a restaurant that is serving popular dish in Oita like “toriten” and “mizutaki”. It is tasty enough to make you addictive once you eat it.



Want to know more details?

We hope you enjoy reading this article. For more detail about muslim-friendly spots in Beppu, please take a look on video above.

You can download Muslim Friendly Map Beppu here.