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Restaurants where you can eat delicious Japanese HALAL yakiniku


When you visit Japan, why not try eating delicious yakiniku (Japanese style barbeque)? Many restaurants serve Wagyu HALAL beef, a type of brand meat loved by many people across the world. Grilling your own meat and vegetables is a fun and delicious experience that can’t be missed!

Yakiniku Panga

PANGA is located at Ueno/Okachimachi area of Tokyo. They purchase an entire cow that has been HALAL slaughtered, so all their beef is HALAL. They offer alcohol drinks, but all their food menus are HALAL-certified. The menu is available in a total of five languages including Japanese, English, Arabic, etc.

There is a mosque nearby, and there are many souvenir shops when you go a little further to Ueno/Okachimachi area and around Asakusa. You will have a fulfilling day of exploring the city using the Muslim Omotenashi Map and eating delicious HALAL Wagyu beef.


Opening Hours Mon-Sat [Lunch] 11:30-14:30 (L.O. 14:00) [Dinner] 17:00-23:00
Sun, Holiday 17:00-23:00
Close Open daily
Address 3-27-9 Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0016
Phone 03-3839-8929 (+81-3-3839-8929)
Halal Gourmet Japan


Gyumon, located in Shibuya, provides HALAL meat served by a Muslim chef. They also have separate grills for HALAL menus. The restaurant is open until 4 a.m. on weekdays. The HALAL only comes in a set menu starting from 3,000 yen.


Opening Hours Mon-Sat 17:00-28:00 (L.O. 27:30)
Sun, Public holiday 17:00-23:00 (L.O. 22:30)
Close Open daily
Address 3-14-5 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002
Phone 03-5469-2911
Halal Gourmet Japan


This is a restaurant in Kyoto where you can enjoy 100% HALAL Wagyu beef. They believe that the old Japanese culture of eating foods in season is the most important, and serve local Kyoto vegetables in season along with lamb meat, which is favored by many Muslims. They do not serve alcohol.

You can enjoy Wagyu beef to your heart’s content with HALAL yakiniku sauce made without using any preservatives or additives. You can also purchase the sauce as a souvenir to reproduce delicious Japanese yakiniku at your own home.

焼肉成田屋 店外

Opening Hours 12:00-22:00
Close None
Address 422-2 Rinkacho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 605-0062
Phone 075-744-1350
Halal Gourmet Japan