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Experience The Taste of Japan In The Sky

Air Japan, a subsidiary of All Nippon Airways (ANA), made headlines in February 2024 by introducing flights to three sought-after destinations: Singapore, South Korea, and Bangkok.

But it’s not just the attractive destinations that are drawing passengers’ attention; Air Japan is revolutionizing the in-flight dining experience by offering a variety of dietary-friendly meals, making it a standout choice for travelers of all dietary needs and preferences.

Diverse Dining at 30,000 Feet

Understanding the importance of meal options that cater to various dietary requirements and cultural preferences, Air Japan has meticulously crafted a menu that allows passengers to savor the flavors of Japan and beyond.

The airline’s commitment to inclusivity is evident in its offering of special meals such as the halal meal and the vegan-friendly green curry including water.

These meals are prepared in strict adherence to dietary laws and preferences, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable journey for everyone onboard.

Halal Meal: A Taste of Consideration

Catering to Muslim passengers, the Halal Meal is prepared according to Islamic dietary laws and customs.

Available on select routes like Narita to Bangkok and Singapore, this option underscores Air Japan’s dedication to accommodating the diverse needs of its international clientele.

Halal in-flight meal. Source: Air Japan.

The meal’s preparation and ingredients are carefully selected to provide a satisfying and respectful dining experience.

Green Curry: Vegan Delight

For vegetarian and vegan passengers,  the Green Curry meal offers a delicious and ethical dining option.

Free from all animal-derived products, this meal is available on routes to Bangkok and Singapore from Narita.

Vegan-friendly green curry. Source: Air Japan.

Air Japan’s initiative to include vegan options reflects a growing trend towards plant-based eating and sustainability.

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Bridging Cultures Through Culinary Experiences

The inclusion of Japanese domestic rice (rice for Muslim meals is produced in Thailand) further enhances the authenticity and quality of the dining experience, allowing passengers to enjoy a taste of Japan’s culinary excellence while flying to their destination.

Passengers are encouraged to pre-book their meals to ensure availability and convenience. The pre-purchase menu is a thoughtful initiative by Air Japan to guarantee that every passenger, regardless of their dietary needs or restrictions, can enjoy a meal that is not only safe and satisfying but also enriches their travel experience.

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