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Cafe Company Launches a Vegan-Friendly Cafe in the Heart of Tokyo

2024年3月1日、カフェ・カンパニー株式会社は「ルミネ新宿1」 の6Fにヴィーガンフレンドリーなカフェ業態「plant more」を3月4日にオープンすることを発表致しました。

In a vibrant move towards embracing food diversity and sustainable eating, Cafe Company announced the opening of a new vegan-friendly cafe, ‘plant more,’ set to welcome food enthusiasts on March 4th, 2024, in the bustling district of Shinjuku, Tokyo. Nestled on the 6th floor of Shinjuku Lumine 1, this cafe emerges as a beacon for those seeking to indulge in the goodness of plant-based cuisine without compromising on taste or variety.

Shinjuku, a melting pot of cultures and cuisines, offers the perfect backdrop for ‘plant more.’ The district, known for its dense flow of both locals and tourists, presents a unique opportunity for the cafe to introduce a diverse menu that not only respects but celebrates the myriad food preferences of its visitors. Emphasizing inclusivity, ‘plant more’ aims to be a shared space where individuals, regardless of their dietary habits, can gather around a table to enjoy meals that are both nourishing and satisfying.

‘plant more’s mission is the commitment to provide meals that are entirely derived from plant-based ingredients, offering a variety of meal plates that are as delightful to the palate as they are to the body.

Sweet treats at ‘plant more’ are no afterthought; the cafe boasts an array of desserts made exclusively from plant-based components. Guests can indulge in cakes and soft-serve sundaes without a hint of guilt, paired perfectly with coffee or herbal tea for a truly satisfying tea time.

The design of ‘plant more’ draws inspiration from natural materials, creating an ambiance that is both modern and inviting. With elements of soil, wood, and greenery, the cafe offers a sanctuary from the city’s hustle and bustle, inviting guests to unwind and reconnect with themselves or enjoy a peaceful moment with friends and family.

About “plant more”

Address: Shinjuku Lumine 1 6F
TEL : 03-6304-5755
Opening Hour: 11:00~21:00(Food L.O.20:00  Drink L.O.20:30)
Official Website:
Instagram: @plant_more_cc