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Muslim x Lolita, a new perspective of the world. The pioneer of new Lolita market

Executive committee of Halal Expo Japan 2017, Food Diversity Co. Ltd (previous : Halal Media Japan Co. Ltd, Shibuya-ku Tokyo), together with Coo. Inc (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), a company engaged in organize event in South East Asia and handling dispatch of Japanese culture, produce world’s first Muslim Lolita event called “Kawaii Hijabi Collection”.


In 2016, East Asia first Modest Fashion Show held on HALAL EXPO JAPAN, where Halal food and inbound businesses come together in one roof, became a hot topic. Basic of Muslimah (Muslim women) fashion is cover all body, and in South East Asia where Muslimah fashion is growing and booming, it gets various of fashion trends coming out.

Coo. Inc, a company who established its foreign corporation on 2014 that handling Japanese pop culture in Indonesia, is focusing on Lolita fashion which is popular in overseas. Lolita fashion that is started in Japan, made its way to Europe, America, and South America, then now it gains high-popularity in China. Lolita fashion and Muslim fashion has similarity, that is refrain from excessive exposure of the skin. There, it is expected to have Lolita market needs locally so we organize this event. By combination of Lolita and Hijabi, we firmly believe to the development of a new market.

Lolita fashion that is original from Japan, is very popular in overseas

Lolita fashion that is original from Japan, is very popular in overseas

Kawaii Hijabi Collection as a new perspective where Muslim meets Lolita, will be dispatched from fashion city, Tokyo, to the world. Muslim x Lolita fashion content is the world’s first attempt. Modest fashion show held last year, gave impact to the world and got its video reached 5.100.000 views. Then on this year event, with collaboration with Lolita fashion and participation from Cool Japan fans, we believe it will surpass last year’s achievement. Moreover, this year Halal Expo Japan is expected to attract 10,000 visitors in 3 days, surpass last year’s that attracted about 7,000 visitors in 2 days.

Kawaii Hijabi Collection will have catwalk show (only in Nov 21), Lolita experience where visitors could wear Lolita costume and get photoshoot, and Lolita world’s unique culture “tea party” session.


Lolita unique culture, “tea party”

Lolita unique culture, “tea party”

Event Information

Kawaii Hijabi Collection(カワイイ・ヒジャビ・コレクション)
Nov 21 (Tuesday) ~ 23 (Thursday, holiday), 2017
Venue : Tokyo Metropolitan Industry and Trade Center Taito-kan

Scheduled program

1)Catwalk show
Nov 21, 2017 (Tuesday)

1st session :10:40〜11:00
Theme : 「Muslim×Japan×Lolita」

2nd session : 11:40〜12:00
Theme : 「Muslim×World×Lolita」

2)Tea party experience
Booth contents where participants wear Lolita costume and enjoy interaction with Lolita’s unique culture through afternoon tea party.
Collaboration with : WonderTeatime
Tea party coordinator : Akizuki Ai

3)Lolita experience
Booth contents where participant can experience wear Lolita costume and have photoshoot on special panel provided.

Company Information

【Food Diversity Co. Ltd】

Food Diversity Co. Ltd (previous : Halal Media Japan Co. Ltd) is a company which operates WEB media “HALAL MEDIA JAPAN” to dispatch and deliver information in English to more than 300.000 Muslims both in Japan and overseas, Japan’s biggest restaurant search site for Muslim and Vegetarian “HALAL GOURMET JAPAN”, and Japan’s biggest halal exhibition and business matching event “HALAL EXPO JAPAN”.
Food Diversity Co. Ltd promotes and supports Halal-friendly through “information disclosure type” which is not rely on halal-certification only but let Muslim judge by themselves.

・Representative : Akihiro Shugo
・Address :Dai 2 Awaya Bldg 3F 3-15-12 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
・URL :
・Established on :September 2014

【Coo. Inc】

Coo. Inc is a company who established its foreign corporation on 2014, who quickly had an eye into the rapidly growing Indonesia.
Coo. Inc held culture exchange events for Japan – Indonesia friendship, such as organized the biggest cosplay event in South East Asia “CLAS:H” that called out 50.000 people, invited Japan artists to Asia’s biggest Japan festival “ennichi or fair festival” etc. Moreover, they have collaboration with local comic magazine “reON”, produce manga artist, serialize, etc, actively dispatch about cool Japan culture, develop entertainment business with Japan pop culture as the shaft, and acquired recognition in South East Asia.

・Representative :Kawai Shinichi
・Address : LAMP Kitasando 2F 3-17-3 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
・URL :
・Established on :August 2000


Executive committee of Halal Expo Japan 2017 (Food Diversity Co. Ltd)

Coo. Inc (PIC : Yamamoto)