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Offering Summer New Menu!

Vegan Ramen UZU Tokyo」announced their new menu this summer; “Vegan Spicy Miso Tsukemen (with Sichuan pepper), Cold Vegan Ramen, and Caramel Coconut” on June 24th, 2022, which is perfect to be enjoyed in the middle of hot summer.

Vegan spicy miso tsukemen (1,650 yen)

The ramen comes in blended miso-based flavor, doubanjiang, and white sesame paste, topped with shiitake tsukudani, chopped green onion, sesame, etc. The soup tastes nice and flavorful with the homemade thick flat noodles that are made using Hokkaido’s wheat and pesticide-free whole grain flour from Miyazaki Prefecture to create a flavorful taste and smooth texture.

Vegan spicy miso tsukemen

Cold vegan ramen (1,980 yen)

The ramen is created and designed carefully that reminiscent of the Team Lab Planets’ new area “Floating Flower Garden”. As its name, it is a cold soup with a well-balanced combination of umami, sweetness, and sourness. With the supple, homemade medium-thick noodles with a smooth and flavorful texture, you can enjoy the deep richness and scent that makes you unnoticed that it is vegan ramen!

Cold vegan ramen

Caramel Coconut (660 yen)

If vegan ice cream is known for its difficulties in producing “moist” texture, but this caramel coconut ice cream has succeeded in producing that “moist” texture! It uses handmade caramel and vegetable milk to produce a crisp sweetness.


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