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Plant-Based Egg Pop-Up Event

UMAMI UNITED JAPAN PTE LTD which develops plant-based eggs will hold a pop-up event for two days, July 1st~2nd, 2022, at the 3F of Kimchi, Durian, Cardamom,,, (キムチ、ドリアン、カルダモン、、、) (directly above the JR Shin-Okubo Station in Tokyo), offering a set of plant-based egg sandwich and pudding. The meals are only available for dining-in.


Date: July 1st (Fri) ~2nd (Sat)
Time: 11: 00~16:00
Location: JR Shin-Okubo Bldg 3F, 1-10-15 Hyakunin-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 〒169ー0073
(inside “Kimchi, Durian, Cardamom,,,”)

A set of egg sandwich and pudding, using plant-based UMAMI EGG

Kimchi, Durian,Cardamom,,,

The Flavor of UMAMI from Japan

Egg Sandwich

The egg sandwich uses “UMAMI EGG 2.0”, a product that is combined with veggie mayo and seasonings to reproduce the unique flavor of eggs, the vivid appearance, and the texture of yolk and white. Immerse yourself in how fluffy the plant-based egg is and how soft the egg-and-milk-free bread is!

※The bread used is from Asakusa Hatoya, the same one that is used in Asakusa Hatoya’s vegan fruit sandwich.


The pudding use our product “Rakupurin Mix” which has a characteristic smooth texture. The pudding is not only plant-based but also 28 major allergen-free which makes it extremely popular with children! It has been well received by kindergartens and nursery schools.

More about the product


Location: Sengoku Building 3F, 2-10-11 Kotobuki, Taito-ku, Tokyo 〒111‐0042
TEL: 03-6384-0229

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