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Written by: Zunita Ramli

 Japan Has A Lot of Scholarships You Can Choose From!

Since I got an offer to study in Japan, many asked me how to study and secure a scholarship in Japan. Many might not know, that there are so many scholarships offered to study in Japan.

For examples;

and many more.

Most of these scholarships are eligible for southeast Asian candidates to apply either for a Degree, Master or even Ph.D. level. Of course, each scholarship has different requirements. You might want to check each requirement on their websites.

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How to Apply

There are many ways to apply, but the easiest way is to follow these two phases. First, apply to the university we want to enroll in.  When accepted, then we go to the second phase which is applying for a scholarship via that university.

 Phase I

Apply for a placement at a university you want to enroll in by going to their website, reading the requirements thoroughly, and filling in the details in the proposal or whatever is needed. Don’t forget to state that you want to apply for a scholarship.

Phase II

If your proposal is accepted, then go through the second phase. This is the phase to apply for a scholarship. Usually, the university will list the scholarships that can be applied for because the different university has a different list of scholarships. In this phase, just follow the procedures given by the university.

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Is It Easy To Get a Scholarship?

Need to note that candidates with a good academic record have a better chance of getting a scholarship. However, if your academic record is not good enough, just try it. We wouldn’t know, we might have luck!

For anyone who is interested in continuing or to study in Japan, the second intake for the fall term is now open. All the best and see you in Japan!

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