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The Second Stage of Soy Meat to Offer is Hamburg Steak!

The famous curry house in Japan, Curry House CoCo ICHIBANYA (will be mentioned with “CoCoICHI” hereafter” starts to offer soy meat hamburg steak, that is completely free from animal products, on March 1, 2022. and available in all CoCoICHI shops across Japan.

Meals based on plants or vegetables such as soy meat are attracting attention as an alternative menu for meat, due to the increased health consciousness and awareness of the reduction of environmental burden. CoCoICHI was offering soy meat minced meat cutlet in the first stage, which is now followed by the second stage to offer soy meat hamburg steak.

First, Let’s Check The Allergies Information

CoCoICHI’s website mentions allergies contain in their products.

Allergies information on the curry sauce. Here for details (English in blue).

Milk contained in the curry sauce is mentioned to be “included in the materials of products that share the same production line in the factory”.

Allergy information of soy meat hamburg steak. Here for details (English in blue).

Soy meat hamburg steak contains egg, chicken, pork, and gelatin that are mentioned to be “included in the materials of products that share the same production line in the factory”.

Let’s Have It a Try!

The menu shows a big label of soy meat hamburg steak on the page of CoCoICHI vegetable curry. We ordered the curry with vegetables and mushroom toppings.

The spicy scent of the curry greeted us and was so much appealing. Can’t wait to taste the soy meat hamburg steak!

CoCoICHI vegetable curry with soy meat hamburg steak.

It comes in a soft texture, and gives an impression of a lighter version of chicken hamburg steak with a slight taste of soy.

The curry sauce is filled with the umami from vegetables that meets nicely with the light taste of soy meat hamburg steak. We finished it all the way, and felt very satisfied and fulfilled.

Personally, we found it very delicious as we think to enjoy it on a regular basis. Why don’t you try too?

*We strongly recommend checking the “Allergy Information” as mentioned above carefully before eating.

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