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Halal souvenirs in Haneda Airport

Halal souvenirs in Haneda Airport

       Many people travelling from Japan to Muslim countries worried about what kind of souvenirs to bring with them. Although the Halal certification standards were known, it had still been quite difficult to obtain Halal-certified products in Japan. This was troubling for Muslims who had come to Japan.


       However, this has become a thing of the past, with Halal souvenirs now available at three airports in major Japanese cities: Tokyo (Haneda Airport), Osaka (Kansai International Airport), and Nagoya (Chubu Centrair Airport). As well as placing importance on Made in Japan and taste, these souvenirs are also visually pleasing.


       There is an Halal souvenir corner in the Lawson on the first floor of the international terminal at Haneda Airport (known as “Air Lawson”). When I visited Air Lawson, they were selling typical Japanese souvenirs – sponge cake and two types of rice crackers. Made in Japan Halal products are still rare in Muslim countries, so recipients of these souvenirs are sure to be pleased.


       Please note the following two points. First, Air Lawson is located on the first floor; you will have to come down from the third-floor departures area. Secondly, the Halal-certified products are sold alongside non-certified products; so please carefully check the products before purchasing.


Air Lawson, Haneda Airport