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Halal beef is now on sale at Gyomu Super

牛バラカルビ焼肉(HALAL)Gyomu Super has been popular among Muslims residing in Japan since they sells a variety of halal foods such as chicken, pasta, and snacks while in Japan it is not so easy to find halal food shops. Now, to meet their expectation, they has started to newly provide halal beef in some branches.

There were some voices from Muslims asking for halal beef at the previous expo, HALAL EXPO JAPAN 2016, and it finally came true.

Halal Beef

Two types of beefs are on sale. *tax excluded
①Brisket (frozen 500g) ¥738 (¥147.6/100g)
②Boneless Short Rib (frozen 500g) ¥828 (¥165.6/100g)

These beefs are certified by certification body in Australia, and imported to Japan. Then, it is sliced in the factory certified by certification body in Japan.


Gyomu Super Ebina
Gyomu Super Aikawa
Gyomu Super Hiratsuka
Gyomu Super Yamato
Gyomu Super Ayase Chuo

Gyomu Super Toda
Gyomu Super Yatsuka
Gyomu Super Higashimatsuyama

Gyomu Super Yotsukaido
Gyomu Super Kita-Kokubun
Gyomu Super Makuhari-Hongo
Gyomu Super Katsutadai
Gyomu Super Gyotoku

Gyomu Super Ougi
Gyomu Super Fuchu-Honjuku
Gyomu Super Narimasu
Gyomu Super Kanda

Gyomu Super Susukino-Tanukikoji

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