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Naritaya Fellows have two 100% certified halal restaurants which are Naritaya Halal Ramen and Pokok Pisang. Naritaya Halal Ramen serves Traditional Japanese recipe ramen using only natural ingredients just like it was made during the old days. Pokok Pisang serve delicious Malaysian Foods that are difficult to find anywhere else. Our aim is to provide a Muslim friendly environment to Muslim visitors so that they enjoy their stay in Japan to the fullest.

Sambal is a very important condiment in Malaysia and Indonesia cuisine. Mainly made of red pepper and shallot and other ingredients that are stir fried.
It’s different on each families, sweeter taste also available. (At Pokok Pisang it’s our chef’s, Asri’s taste)

Chili sambal Recommended for those who like spicy food.
It’s good with any food because of its mild and rich taste.
Shrimp sambal It has a mild spicy taste on it.
It’s chef Asri’s speciality. We recommend this for those who like Shrimp miso paste.
It good combined with seafood.
Shrimp chili sambal More spicy than shrimp sambal.
Shiitake sambal It’s delicious even if you just mix it with rice. Even in Malaysia and Indonesia sambal that has shiitake is very rare.
The mild spice and the flavor of shiitake makes it good with any cuisine.


You can buy at “Asian dining Pokok Pisang” & “Asakusa NARITAYA”

<Asian dining Pokok Pisang>

Addess 4-4-13, Oomika-cho, Hitachi-Shi, Ibaraki, Japan 319-1221
Tel +81-(0)294515257

<Asakusa NARITAYA>

Addess 2-7-13, Asakusa, Taitou-ku, Tokyo, Japan 111-0032
Tel +81-(0)3-4285-9806


Pokok Pisang

Pokok Pisang