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       There is now one more store in which Muslims can enjoy Japanese cuisine. KAPPOU SURUGA, which serves Japanese cuisine, has acquired local Halal certification in Japan and took the time to respond to HALAL MEDIA JAPAN’s questionnaire. Now Muslim’s can also enjoy traditional Japanese dishes such as sashimi and tempura at KAPPOU SURUGA.



Q1. What kind of Halal certification did you acquire?



Q2. Why did you acquire Halal certification?

Chiba City is aiming to become a place which Muslims can visit with peace of mind, and we also want to contribute to this aim as much as possible. First, we would like people of all countries to enjoy delicious Japanese cuisine.


Q3. What are the characteristics of your company and products (points you would like to promote)?

We use vegetables organically grown in Chiba city. We carefully serve healthy foods using only natural ingredients and without any additives in the form of Japanese cuisine. Our customers can feel and enjoy the four seasons of Japan through our cuisine.


Q4. Please give us three recommended ways of eating them (or dishes).

Kaiseki course, Fugu course, Sakuratai shabu shabu course

Q5. What do you expect from the acquisition of Halal certification?

We hope Muslims will enjoy our cuisine.


Q6. What measures did you take, or what was difficult, in acquiring Halal certification?

Employee education


Q7. Where can people purchase your products?

We have an English menu and can also serve customers in English.


Q8. Do you have anything else you would like to add?

You can contact us via telephone, E-mail, or our website.


Corporate information


1-12. Shin-machi, Chuo-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba-ken, Japan 260-0028