Going out for relaxation, like travel these days in the pandemic needs us to be more selective in considering the way to do it. Today we introduce 4 tips to have a crowd-free travel experience.

Disclaimer: Please follow the government’s instructions for infection prevention measurements. Tips in this article are based on experiences by Muslims in Japan.

1.Go for a drive in a small number of people (preferably with family members only)

Going for a drive is one of the best options to have traveled without worrying about crowds! Visiting the countryside in your prefecture may be a great idea to explore a new spot you have never know, or maybe go drive strolling in the city can give a refreshing feeling seeing places you go through.

Since you will be in a closed place for some time, we recommend going for a drive with a small number of people and preferably with your family members only, and doing ventilation regularly.

Enjoy a drive in Hokkaido! Credit to Indi Widhijaningrum

2.Climb a mountain

In Japan, people can go climb a mountain only during summer. Climbing a mountain lets yourself be surrounded by greeneries and enjoy the fresh air you can not get in cities, besides moving your body after a long stay home.


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3.Stay at a local ryokan and let yourself be immersed in the nature

Nothing can beat the healing power of nature! Find yourself immersed among greeneries and stunning sceneries, staying in a convenient local ryokan for a memorable relaxing time.


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4. Join an online tour

Some travel agents are offering online tours to places all over Japan, introducing travel spots that will overwhelm you with a desire to come to Japan soon!


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