Written by : Hadeera Abdullah

Why You Should Visit Huis Ten Bosch

Huis Ten Bosch is one of the popular theme-park destinations located in Nagasaki Prefecture and is considered the largest theme park in Japan.

It recreates the Dutch town that allows you to feel the breeze of the Netherland in Japan. The place is covered by a European atmosphere with its iconic canals, beautiful gardens full of seasonal flowers (especially the tulips!), and awesome futuristic yet architectural buildings.

Welcome to Huis Ten Bosch

One great thing is, you can enjoy most attractions without any additional charge as it is included in the entrance ticket price!

*There are some attractions that need additional charge.

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Which Season is Perfect To Visit?

Actually, the theme park is perfect to be enjoyed in every season!

They have different events that take place in each season, such as the tulip festival which you can enjoy during spring, and the fireworks festival during summer.

Get yourself surrounded by blooming tulips!!

During winter, you can enjoy a stunning view of illumination! Illumination at the Huis Ten Bosch is known as the most beautiful one in Japan!

What to Do and Enjoy

You can start your day enjoying the park by walking in the city enjoying the cityscape. There is a museum of toys and roses which is perfect for your Instagram!

Then you have a cup of coffee while riding a boat for 15 minutes along the canal and enjoying the scenery around you! The boat is onboard every 20 mins and no additional fee.


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The next stop is the city tower. You can go to the top of the tower that serves you a wide view of the whole city view from above!


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Along the way, there is a musical performance that takes place there next to the clock tower.  Nearby, there is a chocolate house with a number of huge chocolate icons as photo spots! You can have a set of a cup of pure chocolate (by turning the faucet!) and a chocolate bar for 500 yen!


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Huis Ten Bosch has a lot of photo spots you should not miss when visiting the park. Don’t forget to have yourself walk in the street covered by umbrellas!

If you are a bicycle lover, you can rent bicycles with 4 people capacity (with an additional charge). So for those who come with family, you can go together on one bicycle.

At sunset, I recommend you to go to the roller coasters to enjoy the beauty of the whole place during sunset. At night, you can enjoy the canal road covered with picturesque lights.


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Is There Any Halal Food?

We got your back!

Red Lobster at the Harbor Town area serves Muslim-friendly meals which you can enjoy together with the bay view!

The First and ONLY Muslim Friendly Dish at the Huis Ten Bosch, Nagasaki


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The Ticket

The ticket is 7,000 yen for an adult for a one-day pass which including admission and attractions as many times as you like. They have different categories of tickets and great offers such as birthday offers, student discounts, etc. You can save up to 800 yen for an early bird.

More about ticketing.


There are some ways to access the park according to the place you coming from.

If you come from Nagasaki Airport, you can take the ferry and arrive at the park in only 50 mins. While if you come from Nagasaki city, you can take approximately 1 hour and 30 mins by JR train or by bus.

More about access.