Allergy-Friendly Baby Foods

Talking about food, Japan is a country that takes a very high consideration in allergenic food, especially for its life-threatening. If you happen to be in Japanese supermarkets or convenience stores, you will easily find the allergy indication chart on the package and notes about potential cross-contamination with the phrase such as “本製品工場では、ピーナッツ小麦などを含む製品を生産しています。” that means “the product is manufactured in the facility that also processes dairyeggspeanuts, and wheat”.

In terms of baby foods, there are a wide variety of baby foods ranges at each age which strictly controlled to protect the quality and safety, while maintaining nutrition, taste, and texture. In most cases, allergy starts at a very young age that makes parents are extremely careful in choosing foods for baby.

In a Japanese baby goods store that sells a wide range of baby goods, from clothes to foods, you may find a corner for allergy-friendly baby foods with a variety of flavors and types, from instant foods and food ingredients (flour, etc) to seasonings.

Allergy-friendly corner

「アレルギー配慮」= Allergy-friendly

In the allergy-friendly corner, they clearly indicate the seven most found allergenic ingredients on the display, so that customers can get an image of the scope that the products are covered.

Allergy indication

Even a product is not displayed at the allergy-friendly corner, you may find allergy indication on the bottom of the package as a guide in choosing baby foods.

「◯」 means “use”, 「ー」 means “not use”

Seasonings at the allergy-friendly corner have a wider scope of allergy. We found a seasoning that is free from 28 allergenic ingredients which are pretty easy to understand since it indicates clearly on the front package.

Egg-free and seven allergenic ingredients-free mayonnaise (for baby from 12 months old)

In terms of halal, most baby foods, especially for a very young baby such as 5-6 months old or so, are made from fish and vegetables. Along with the age, you will find a range of baby foods with meat but you can easily avoid it since it is written clearly on the package if it contains any meat (Disclaimer: This does not guarantee any contamination during the manufacturing process and additives. If you have any concerns regarding the process, please contact the manufacturer).