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Biople by CosmeKitchen is a shop selling mainly organic products that vary from foods to cosmetics with the concept of “live an organic life”. Besides the online shop, they also have physical shops within Japan. We visited one of the Biople by CosmeKitchen shops and accidentally found a lineup of diversified foods from vegan to gluten-free which is fantastic!

1. Belgian Chocolate with Pistachio Milk Drink (180 ml)

This is rich chocolate milk using the finest dark cocoa with a punch of pistachio milk. It has a thick texture with less sweetness which is lovely. It mentions that the drink is dairy-free and soy-free as written on the package, as well as vegan, gluten-free, and low sodium.

The drink is vegan, dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, and low sodium

On the backside, we are surprised that it also has Thailand’s halal-mark!

2. Biorganic Rice Drink Cacao (250 ml)

A made in Italy organic rice drink with cacao which clearly mentions that it is vegan and also gluten-free. Furthermore, this rice drink is also kosher-friendly with a kosher mark on the back.

The drink has a smooth, refreshing feeling with a soft rice texture and slight sweetness of the cacao flavor that is easy to drink yet delicious.

3. Organic Burger Patties

Made in Spain organic burger patties in two flavors; organic mushroom burger patties and organic quinoa burger patties which both available in two pieces each.

Organic mushroom burger patties

The patties are made from all plant-derived ingredients containing mushroom, tofu, etc which is great to be enjoyed as it is, or cook with your liking. It has an organic JAS mark from Bureau Veritas, a company specialized in testing, inspection, and certification that supporting customers through the provision of high-quality services, by tackling issues in the areas of quality, health and safety, environmental protection, and social responsibility

On the back of the package, it mentions that the product is manufactured on the same line with soba (buckwheat), egg, milk, peanuts, and sesame so those with allergies to such ingredients can take a preventive in consuming the product.

Organic quinoa burger patties

The patties are made from all plant-derived ingredients containing quinoa, oats, etc which is also great to be on the dining table as it is or grill with your liking. Same to the organic mushroom burger patties, the organic quinoa burger patties also obtained organic JAS mark from Bureau Veritas and also manufactured on the same line with soba (buckwheat), egg, milk, peanuts, and sesame.

4. The Protein Ball Co. (TM)

Made in UK protein balls available in four flavors with halal, kosher, and vegan mark. The protein balls are free from added sugar and high fiber using all-natural ingredients and high protein. Also gluten-free.

・Raspberry Brownie (halal, vegan, kosher, gluten-free)

Fruity chocolate balls with a strong taste of sweetness from dates. It has a smooth brownie-like texture, covered with crunchy cocoa nibs that give a nice accent in eating.  Even it comes with a strong cocoa smell, we are surprised at the strong berry taste instead of the cocoa which is very interesting!

・Lemon + Pistachio (vegan, kosher, gluten-free)

A ball covered with bright yellow-green pistachio nibs and nut powder with a slight pistachio smell. It has a nice lemon flavor which you can enjoy since the first bite which then goes stronger once it melts. The lemon and pistachio meet nicely with the sweetness from dates.

・Cacao & Orange (halal, kosher)

The chocolate ball with a refreshing orange smell and dusted richly with cacao powder. It has a slightly chewy texture with a strong orange flavor which then followed by a nutty chocolate flavor and slight sweetness from dates.

・Coconut & Macademia (halal, vegan, kosher)

A nutty ball covered with white coconut slices and comes with the typical coconut smell. It has a strong taste of coconut which then followed by the rich nutty flavor, with a punch of sweetness from dates.

Kosher mark (KLBD) and vegan mark

5. Mondo Di Laura Cookies

Mondo Di Laura Cookies is made in Italy which is dairy-free, vegan friendly, and kosher friendly which we found available in three flavors.

・Guily Cookie (natural vanilla and chocolate flavor); dairy-free, kosher

A light-brown cookie with a crunchy texture outside and slightly moist texture inside with a nice punch of cookie’s typical wheat flavor and a punch of chocolate flavor with a hint of vanilla.

・Green Lady (pistachio, honey, and wholemeal flour flavor); milk-free, kosher

A slightly moist brown cookie with a nice flavor of wholemeal and a hint of pistachio which then followed by honey. It is covered with pistachio on the top which makes it looks colorful.

・Pepy-Ta (chocolate and pink salt flavor); vegan, dairy-free, kosher

A crunchy chocolate cookie with a slightly salty and nice sweetness.

6. 「People Tree」Fair Trade & Organic Chocolate

“People Tree” is a fairtrade specialty brand of Fair Trade Company Ltd., that has been creating ethical, global environment-friendly, and sustainable fashion for about 30 years.

Fairtrade is one of the ways in doing business by creating an environment and job opportunities fairly. This means the fairtrade ensures that the farmers and producers in growing/developing countries are paid fairly for their products and achieve sustainable and equal trade relationships.

The People Tree chocolate is available in three series; Ita Choco (chocolate bar) in 9 flavors, filling type chocolate in 5 flavors, and vegie choco in 7 flavors!

The vegie choco series use plant-based milk from nuts, free from animal-derived ingredients, and available in cacao 54% to 75%.

Vegie Choco; White Hazelmilk (plant milk) and Bitter Cacao Nibs (cacao 58%)

7. Vegetarian Curry

Biople has a wide range of vegan and organic curry displayed, vary from vegetable curry to keema curry made from all plant-derived ingredients.

*Product line up and storage may differ in each shop.

Line up from left : vegan green curry, soy keema curry, vegetable curry

8. Other Vegan Snacks

There are some other various of vegan snacks such as Veganz Granola Bites in chocolate banana and coconut almond flavor, and four flavors from Peakz.

If you find Biople by CosmeKitchen close to you, make sure to check and find your favorite!