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New Products Launched From the Famous “Soup Harusame”! Mapo Tofu Flavor Without Animal-Based Ingredients.

Hello. I’m Yamazaki from freefrom Inc. We conduct support for marketing and promotion under the theme of vegetarian and vegan food.

A new product has appeared from Acecook’s “Soup Harusame,” which uses Harusame (vermicelli) low in calories and fulfilling. What kind of product is Mapo tofu flavor, which is the first in the series to use no animal-derived ingredients? I reported right away.

Found At A Convenience Store!

Found at a convenience store!
It was sold at a FamilyMart and a Seven-Eleven in Tokyo.

180 yen including tax

Here are the ingredients.

It seems that animal-derived ingredients, including dairy products and eggs, are not used (vegetable oil is not palm oil, but processed soybean product (大豆加工品) contains palm oil).


English-soy sauce (soy sauce, miso, starch syrup, salt, fermented seasonings, vegetable oil, spices, yeast extract), vermicelli (starch, brewed vinegar), toppings (processed soybean product, tofu, onions, chili) / seasonings (amino acids, etc. ), alcohol, sweetener (stevia), fragrance, caramel coloring, spice extract, carotenoid coloring, (contains wheat, sesame, and soybeans)



Without Further Ado, I Tried It.

I couldn’t find the words “vegan” or “vegetarian” maybe because they intended not to emphasize them explicitly, but the package clearly said “zero animal-based ingredients.”

Also noteworthy is the low-calorie specifications as stating guilt-free. Initially, I had an impression of low-calorie product on soup Harusame, but I am surprised at the “84 kcal”, which is lower than the popular products in the brand, such as Tantan noodle (99 kcal) and Wonton (87 kcal). In addition to vegetarians and vegans, it seems to be liked by health-conscious people and women.

The soup based on miso and doubanjiang is so delicious that you can’t think it’s animal-free. The flavor of doubanjiang and pepper is punchy, and you won’t get tired of it until the end. Soy meat didn’t have that much presence for good or bad, and tofu, green onions, and peppers were added just right as accents. As a whole, the lightness of the vermicelli and the spiciness of the soup were well-balanced, and it was an addictive dish once you try. If you are interested, please drop in at a convenience store near you.