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Flavorful Japanese Curry You Can Make at Home!

Written by: Haruko Kogiso

Japanese curry is known as a very popular and common dish in the family tables in Japan.
Curry ranked as number one liked the dish, second as Sushi and third as fried chicken according to Gurunavi on their favorite food ranking of elementary school students.

Japanese curry (image)

Japanese style curry was first introduced in Japan in 1872 (the 5th year of the Meiji era) and was introduces as a western dish from Great Britain. The recipe was introduced in the book “Guide to Western cuisine 西洋料理指南”.

The curry that is introduced in Japan is completely from the original Indian curry.  The main difference is Japanese curry uses flour whereas Indian curry does not. The curry roux in Japan is mostly in a block that is easy to use and these are some halal curry roux blocks.

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Halal and Vegetarian/Vegan-Friendly Curry Products You Can Buy on Amazon Japan!

Golden Curry without any animal-derived ingredients (1kg) by S&B Foods Inc.

This product is a curry roux that is available online and has no animal, fish, clam derived ingredients. The new packaging has been shipped from August 24th, 2015 with the recipe of how to make delicious Japanese-style curry in Japanese, English, and Chinese on the back of the package. It also has icons that show that this product does not contain cow, chicken, and swine-derived ingredients as well as eggs and milk. This product is sold only in Japan. You can order through supermarkets for retailers (Gyomu super) in Japan or from Amazon Japan.

Akakan Curry Mix (200g) by S&B Foods Inc.

This product is a curry powdery mix, very easy to use, available in some of the major supermarket chain stores, and also online (in Japanese). This product is tested for no swine, cow, chicken derived ingredients.

You can find various Curry recipes(English) on S&B as well.