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Vegan Course at Ikaho

Ikaho is a hot spring town in Gunma Prefecture, that is blessed with famous hot spring spots such as Kusazu onsen, Shima onsen, and Joshu Sanmeiyu. The town is frequently featured in magazines and TV for its well-known stone steps and has been a popular travel destination among the Japanese.  The good news is, we can enjoy the vegan course in this hot spring town!

Hotel Matsumotoro

Hotel Matsumotoro is a ryokan-style hotel. Just a few walk from the hotel, you can enjoy the nice atmosphere of the hot spring town. After getting soaked in two popular hot springs in Ikaho, the “Golden no Yu” and “Shiragin no Yu”, enjoying the dishes using local ingredients are what you should have.

Following the recent growing needs for vegetarians and vegans, Hotel Matsumotoro started to serve the vegan course.

What to See Near the Hotel

・15 minutes walk to the cobblestones
・Matsumotoro wagon car is also available for going
・Many museums where you can experience Ikaho’s art, history, and culture
・Mizusawa Udon road where shops of Mizusawa Udon, one of Japan’s three major udon noodles are lined.


It takes 2 hours of travel time from Tokyo.

The Vegan Course

〜Yamazato Kaiseki focusing on the local ingredients〜

Yuba sawara modoki with shimeji and porcini mushroom sauce

Mizore shitate (grilled radish, cauliflower, Jerusalem artichoke, plum carrot, yuzu)

Shojin fried Christmas tree

Deep-fried tofu with vegetables and tororo (grated yam)

Vegetable rice balls (radish leaves, seaweed, dry tomatoes, roasted sesame seeds)

100% grape jelly

Currently, very few hotels and inns offer such a rich and fulfilling vegan menu. This hotel is highly recommended for those who are looking for a nice hot spring with a vegan course experience.

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